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It was terrible, I use to cry to my ex and tell her how much I hated myself. In order words, long-term preventative measures plus learning about yourself over time will lead you to recovery, but you must be patient.

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Nope we cannot play for fun, ever. At first I gambled to numb the pain of the break up and used it as an outlet. It you don't, it means you're not really ready to give it up and I can guarantee that you return to it with whatever reason your addiction tricks you with and your rock bottom will only become deeper.

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Do we want to put ourselves through this again???? When the day comes that you do have those "small gamble" thoughts it would help if you were already banned from those remaining two casinos.

Actually I am just coming out of the fog of my last screw up. It was possibly the hardest moment of my life, and I really did not know what was going to happen, but I got through it, and thankfully she gave me another chance and supported me in my quest for recovery.

I would give anything to go back to your age and get this addiction under control and have those years back. The days are so long On tables, slots you name it.

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Before I know it I'm k down It is like journaling and very helpful to re read your posts. I find that if I keep myself busy that I can usually ride out the gambling urges. We go ahead and decided to play with fire again. If you win you want to win more.

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You're better than any addiction. You'll feel physically and emotionally sick from the big loss huge losses over small times are very psychologically damaging and you need to grieve this loss.

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Her family didn't know why but I was glad they still took me in. Draw a line under this awful experience. For us compulsive gamblers, that demon was always inside of us and it just needed for us to get the right exposure or to be in the right circumstances for it come out and take control riverside casino slots us.

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Tonyj has bit the nail on the head. It's a great feeling taking some time now to insure your future. Who could hold your money for you and make you accountable for it? I'm in the very early stages of trying to sort my own situation.

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A month ago I swore I would never gamble again and I did 5 days ago. Hoping to win it all back We just need to accept we cannot gamble, EVER.

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It's impossibly hard to stop and have a clear head until you lose it all. I did also have a gambling dream a few nights though a bad one too, I had lost big time and was stressing out big time - woke up in a panic and felt a huge relief it wasn't real.

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