Easily Win a Little at Slots at Foxwoods Casino Connecticut

Number of slot machines at foxwoods,

How would I know which sub-casino was oldest, old, new, and newest in order to apply the appropriate winning strategy.

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Subscribe to the Professor Slots podcast at: From July through October ofthe average payout return was Now, again, I tried not to draw any obvious conclusions just yet. When a machine opened up, I sat down and played to try and get a feel for its odds of winning. This number of slots has dropped steadily each year since, with total number of slot machines currently being 4, It was a Sunday, so it was fair to middlin busy in the casino.

I participated in high limit group slot pull, was taught to play craps, and met with fans. I had to consider if there would be enough to actually make any level of profit, somehow, with the right playing technique.

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She told me where there was a row of identical-looking slot machines near the walkway between the casino lobby and the hotel elevators. Maximum credits wasand his bet was for credits.

I saw a winning slot machine at 8 a.

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They seemed quite happy with it, which made me happy. While walking, I counted six separate sub-casinos within the overall casino. It was a penny machine automatically playing off free spins.

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I asked which slot machine in this row had she played, and she said the slot machine on the far left. I have no idea.

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Other goals included promoting my Professor Slots brand and, last but not least, figure out how to win at slots there. What I seemed to notice, and even for me it was a bit hard to spot, was that the slot machine I was on seemed to be providing a small initial win, what is known as a taste. So, to avoid jumping to a conclusion too soon, I decided to deliberately look for slot machine hand pays until Friday evening.

Because it was only late afternoon on a Thursday.

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But, optimizing this strategy during a busy weekend at the casino is quite possible. Thanks, Vito and John! Couple of women just sitting at the slots talking on their cell phones not playing and taking free beers from the waitress and not even tipping.

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Some of the sub-casinos would be old, with few winning strategies due to likely having a central computer. This was my next good clue for figuring out how to win at slots at Foxwoods Casino Connecticut.

So, as usual, there is always more to learn.

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But, tentatively, I held in my mind this possible conclusion: My goals for this casino trip were to provide another casino trip report, and also to meet members of my audience as well as other visiting gambling podcasters.

Through the use of my pattern recognition abilities, deductive reasoning, and critical thinking, I developed the following working theory of how to win at slots at Foxwoods from making the following observations: So, what does all this mean in terms of winning at slots at Foxwoods Casino Connecticut?

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Upon being questioned about Foxwoods Casino Connecticut having six sub-casinos, John told me which of these sub-casinos was newest and how new it was. Since Foxwoods is a tribal casino, it is not subject to state gaming regulations but rather regulated though a negotiated state-tribal gaming compact approved by the U.

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He told me that the Great Cedar Casino was 6 months old. When number of slot machines at foxwoods split up to go gamble, I headed over to those Buffalo slot machines.

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I then used this working theory myself, as well as shared it with several of my fans and fellow gambling podcasters, to win small jackpots on slot machines at Foxwoods Casino Connecticut. But, again, for me as a high roller….

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I was just looking around, letting my feet go wherever they wanted while I soaked in whatever there was to do so. But, that being said, it sure is interesting when such data-supported trends are seen. This fourth criteria was simply this: I did share this winning strategy with other gamblers attending the Gamblepalooza event, with a bit more details offered to a few in thanks.

Well, John told me which one was the newest casino.

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