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Thanks again for the info. It is hard to portray that in text sometimes though. I feel confident he wouldn't write a bad discharge report if it were up to him because he has done everything else he could to help me out with this.

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To clarify, I swore in on 28 May so I've only been in for a little over 2 months and I was booked for the job on 23 July. The X is used tacp slots all around the career field, but, for an individual it would be one of five numbers 1,3,5,7, or 9 to show the current skill level of that individual.

However, I'd rather wait 2 years with hopes to retrain rather than 2 years just to get into the Air Force.

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I am not trying to be cocky, but what I mean is I have a drive and personality that does not quit or accept defeat. In the field, or at war, we are with the Army to support the scheme of maneuvers with Air Support. If it tacp slots up to me I would wait around a couple months for an open slot but I know thats not exactly how the DEP works.

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As for the DEP discharge, does it come with a tacp slots year minimum ineligibility regardless of the code given? I want to destroy a baby sheep because you can't be bothered to actually do some research like an adult and would rather showcase that ignorance to the people you want to work for or with for the rest of your life. Where do you think you are right now? At this point I just want to buy time until FY16 when the new quotas are released with hopes of getting a slot.

Add that to being in pretty good shape, I only meant that physical stuff does not scare me. Initial TACP slot vs. I do apologize because cockiness tacp slots something I am not about.

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The 4 gives the specific job in the Command and Control career field. Unfortunately information from that time salade poulet casino is sketchy.

I have heard the exact same heartfelt words from about guys that tried and failed miserably. If you are military, get vetted. Texas Thanks for the information.

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I do know that I will face physical things that will push me further than I have ever been pushed, but I do know that I won't quit and look forward to the challenge. As well as, working at each stage of a Convert slot machine from tokens to quarters Air Support mission.

Have you ever seen a lamb? I saw where it is undermanned and because of how challenging it is, hard to fill needs for it.

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