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Gambling counselling manchester. Fear of Stickers, Afraid of Sticky Labels - Pittakionophobia Treatment

With advanced transformational hypnotherapy, it is possible to reach back and uncover the origin of this phobia. In some instances, even the sound of a dog barking in the distance is enough to cause apprehension and real fear. The real problem, of course, is that most of those suffering from the fear of stickers simply do not know that effective treatment is available.

The simple fact is that you were not born with this phobia and you do not have to continue to live your life around this fear. Like all phobias, it is essentially an anxiety disorder. More often, though, the fear originated because of direct contact with a dog that frightened or shocked the person, and so they became conditioned with the fear of all dogs. Once this is accomplished, we can simply neutralize the incorrect belief that has been installed in the subconscious that stickers or sticky labels mean danger and that it needs to trigger anxiety.

If you - or someone you care about - are afraid of stickers; if you suffer from the fear of stickers or are afraid of sticky labels then there really is something you can do about it. Effective Treatment for Fear of Dogs While many 'hypnotherapists' gambling counselling manchester to resolve this phobia with suggestion therapy, using some kind of 'one size fits all' script, such methods are rarely effective in the long term.

Because of some past experience, the individual's subconscious mind has linked the sight or slot machine mania free of stickers or sticky labels with danger and anxiety.

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Fear of dogs, like all other phobias is a learned behavioural response. The value of having a correct name for the irrational fear of stickers and of sticky labels is that those suffering from this phobia may well find real relief in discovering that there is indeed a name for their secret fear and so may feel less abnormal and unique.

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Your form message has been successfully sent. And the reality is that the vast majority of dogs pose absolutely no threat. There is no need to be afraid or scared of dogs. Most often, this has happened in childhood or in the early years of adolescence, though in some cases it may have occurred later in life.

Initially, this may seem like a bit of a mouthful, but it really isn't. It may even have been the case that they became afraid when watching a television programme or a movie. Though some phobia names contain prefixes derived from Latin, this is linguistically incorrect and has been brought about simply because the doctors who coined the name of the phobia were more familiar with Latin than they were with Greek!

The progress of a personal client of mine was impeded due to a ketamine addiction which I viewed as a blocking factor to rebuilding her health. Call to Enquire Cynophobia: Having a correct name for any condition that disturbs us is a major step forward in becoming empowered to seek proper treatment for it. Or they may have heard frightening stories concerning dogs relayed by a family member, friend or acquaintance.

Through the medium of correctly applied advanced hypnotherapy you truly can be liberated from the unnecessary fear of stickers or the fear of sticky labels - pittakionophobia - and stop being afraid of stickers for good.

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The good news is that since this fear is learned, it can also be unlearned. The more you know about this wonderful therapy and our company, the more confident you will feel about choosing bioresonance therapy.

We usually see clients in their own homes, eliminating the effect of time, stress and expense of travelling to a clinic. For the person experiencing dog phobia, even the smallest and most inoffensive of dogs may be as threatening and fearsome as a tiger. This creates an electromagnetic field and groups of cells in an organ or system have multiple frequency patterns that make up the sum of the whole organ or system.

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Fear of Dogs — The Big Impact A fear of dogs can affect a person's life in a whole host of different ways. Pittakionophobia - Fear of Stickers So hidden is this phobia that when I began treating it, there appeared to be no commonly accepted name for the fear of stickers or of sticky labels. Hence the body has a complex frequency blueprint that can be changed or distorted by illness or addiction.

It is extremely effective when used to address specific substance addictions.

In its place we can establish feelings of calm and relaxation when encountering or thinking about stickers or sticky labels, completely eliminating pittakionophobia. The name I offered was 'pittakionophobia'. With advanced hypnotic techniques, we specialize in guiding and helping people reach and realise their own inner wisdom, together we can help you overcome fear of stickers once and for all.

Sometimes the actual origin of the fear of dogs has been forgotten by the conscious mind and the dog phobic person feels as if it is a fear that they have had forever. Please try again later. What causes Fear of Dogs? You can say goodbye to your sticker phobia rapidly and easily—and you'll be enormously glad you did!

This can happen in such places as shops and supermarkets, concerts, or anywhere else where there are stickers. Bicom Bioresonance featured on Richard and Judy and News 24 Watch more great bioresonance videos further down this page All SuperDetox programmes are effective, conveneient and affordable.

Request a call back at a time to suit you Please correct your input in the following fields: I cannot recommend Victoria and her SuperDetox programmes highly enough.