Month: October 2019


What if mortgage rates went up?

Rumor has it that mortgage rates are likely to rise soon. The Good Finance  has given us some clues about a rising overnight rate (the main political interest rate in Canada) that could come. The overnight rate has a direct effect on the prime rate, the rate at which variable mortgage rates are based. Interest […]


Credit in a few hours

The credit in a few hours is the ideal option if you want it to be really quick. Using a credit comparator, it is easy to find providers who can check the submitted loan application and the supplied documents very quickly, and can thus quickly transfer the loan amount. The prerequisite for this, of course, […]


Foreign Currency Loans – Court Delayed in Good Finance Bank Lawsuit

The Metropolitan Court of Appeal, acting on second instance, postponed its ruling in a foreign currency-denominated lawsuit against UniCredit Bank Hungary Zrt. Both the applicant financial institution and the defendant Hungarian State appealed against the first-instance decision that the bank’s general contractual terms (asf) did not meet the requirement of transparency and were therefore unfair. […]