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At the first station, we were amazed by a 3-dimensional video that immediately spark our interest. There was also sound and light effects which made us feel how it felt like in the olden days and experience what life was like last time. We had a whale of a time while researching for this history project and many knowledge was gained.

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Singapore, including its nearby islands, was officially fully ceded to the East India Company, and in return, the chiefs would have their debts cancelled and receive an allowance for life, with each given an additional lump sum of 20, Spanish dollars.

Hussein was then living in exile in the Riau Islands. Minute by the Lieutenant Governor. Slowly, Chinatown was flooded with tea-houses, theatres and opium dens tended by young singsong girls locally known as Pei Pa Chai or Pipa girls.

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It was indeed an enriching experience for us, as we get to apply what we learnt in school in real life. A history of Singapore, — Riddled with diseases, these pitiful women were often also murder victims.

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A commentary on the common gaming houses ordinance V of [Microfilm no.: Penang was too far north of the southern narrow part of Straits of Malacca controlled by the Dutch, whereas Bencoolen faced the Indian Ocean near the Sunda Straita much less important area as it is too far away from the main trading route.

Many, in due course, were lured into prostitution.

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Treaty of Friendship and Alliance[ edit ] Further agreements of the Malay chiefs would gradually erode their influence and control over Singapore. Although the colony outlawed gambling after Crawfurd left office, it was difficult to wipe out gambling activities in their entirety, and instead these dens flourished.

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It was also at this time, that the full effects of the repeal came into effect; the pandemic spread of gonorrhea and syphilis in the Chinese community. IV ofentitled A Regulation prohibiting gaming-houses and cockpits, and for suppressing the vice of gaming of Singapore. Without these controls in place, the number of brothels increased further.

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Vietnamese records indicate possible diplomatic relationship between Temasek and Vietnam in the 13th century, [2] and Chinese documents describe settlements there in the 14th century. Raffles was also appalled by the slave trade tolerated by Farquhar. Gambling activities, also known as gaming, in colonial Singapore attracted different opinions from the colonial administrators.

Other colonial powers, including the British, were limited to a relatively nepal casino earthquake presence in that period. Gambling in traditional Asia.

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It is not intended to be an exhaustive or complete history of the subject. The admission to the museum is free, so we presented our student pass and got to enter. It's owner, Loh Sai Soh, was stabbed when she attempted to stop a customer from leaving without paying.

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Trip to National Museum of Singapore On Existing British ports were not in a strategic enough position to becoming major trading centres. Though, there were no British prostitutes due to a ban imposed by the then British administration of Singapore.

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The Straits Times, p. Eventually Raffles settled on the island of Singapore, because of its position at the southern tip of the Malay peninsula, near the Straits of Malacca, and possessed an excellent natural harbor, fresh water supplies, and timber for repairing ships. Adjoining Smith Street was the Temple Street, which got its name after the Sri Mariamman Temple located at one end of the street, and was also famous for its Chinese brothels.

Interestingly, he identified gaming as being a vice of the Chinese, with cock-fighting being the equivalent among the Malays.

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Three and four-storey brothels which along with prostitution, also promoted opium smoking, drinking and gambling When Raffles founded modern Singapore as a British trading settlement inmigrants poured in the island from China, India and Malaya. The hands-on with the tablet also enhance the whole experience for us, since we got to listen to the indepth explanation of what we are seeing.

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Inmany gambling houses still existed with at least 20 of them congregating on Church Street. Raffles took over gambling dens in colonial singapore administration himself, and set about drafting a set of new policies for the settlement.

Singapore in the Straits Settlements The status of Singapore as a British possession was cemented by the Anglo-Dutch Treaty ofwhich carved up the Malay archipelago between the two colonial powers. In Decemberthe Malay chiefs' claim to Singapore's revenue was changed to a monthly payment.

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The information in this article is valid as at and correct as far as we are able to ascertain from our sources. The trade route between China and British India passed through the Malacca Straitand with the growing trade with China, that route would become increasingly important.