Slots - Cycles and other myths

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Considering that a slot machines random number generator is fixed to supply the selected numbers to the virtual reel stops, and in turn are tied to the actual reel stops, is it not possible for the casino computers to swap non-winning stops to win stops, thus increasing the win percentage.

We mainly use ours to change the available denominations on our games. This happens infrequently and would not warrant the expense of a remote control. In the unlikely even that happened, then I think it would trigger a malfunction and the bet would be voided. The ups and downs are just normal random variation.

I think the game does some internal auditing from time to time. We feel that providing the longest play time for the dollar is the best strategy we can employ.

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Remote control slot machines slot managers I have spoken with have a policy on what coinage is set to what return. Karen from Eastchester, New York No. To change it, at least in Nevada, the casino would have to get permission from the gaming authorities. Apparently this technology allows the casino to instantly change the machines from their back offices - including the games offered, denominations, and As they say, you can only slaughter a sheep only once, but you can shear it many times.

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Competition is toughest in Las Vegas, so the machines there will probably have the highest long-term paybacks. I mean technically speaking. Practically speaking, the major casinos need to get approval from the gaming authorities to change the payback of a machine.

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If the machine is truly picking random combinations wouldn't the prize distribution be more random. Here is what he said, "Nothing can be changed if there are credits on the game. The exact reason for this "pause" it seems clear the machine is re-initializing or re-loading something The random number generators choose each number once in the cycle using mathematical algorithms and do not need to keep track of which numbers were already chosen.

There are so many opportunities for this to be a great product for the player, which we believe will be good for our casino and the industry. If they did get such authorization all a slot technician has to do is replace a chip inside the machine, known as an e-prom.

Since the introduction of server based control of slot machines, has anyone tracked the best day and time to play slots? In my slot machine survey I found that any given casino was fairly consistent in how loose or tight they set their slots. To change the odds of a game, the slot maker would have to open up the game and change the EPROM chip.

We are hopeful that a player can put his player card in and his preferred games, denoms, etc will appear for his enjoyment at whatever device he sits. We are not yet at the point where we can say there is a true benefit to the player. Does it let the reel go one full turn and catch it on the next go-round?

To finally get at your question, would he loosen and tighten the slots like a yo-yo depending on the time of day or day of the week? Similar to how table games will raise minimum bets on when the casino is busier, we will remove lower denominations on Friday morning and return them on Monday morning. Remote control slot machines on this system can indeed be controlled remotely.

This question was raised and discussed in the forum of my companion site Wizard of Vegas. Most days will have a balanced mix and these days are always the first forgotten by the player. Unfortunately my friends and I have always hoped to win big and apparently that will not be the case.

I can almost sense when the slot goes into this "mode". Can a casino legally put controls on how much a machine hits or enters into a bonus round? Living here in Vegas, I hear all kinds of theories about the lengths the casinos go to in order to win, like pumping in oxygen and playing a subsonic mantra that says "lose lose lose.