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Slots Like armor pieces, weapons may or may not have empty slots where decoration jewels can be placed to supplement a skill tree.

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A Gravios back shell for example can only be penetrated by white, or not even purple when on a G-ranked quest. On this Page, you will find the exact description on how damage you deal with your weapon: Special Attack Attribute The types of special attack attributes that weapons may have.

Sleep Some monsters have the potential to put hunters into sleep.

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Being hit by a monster or another hunter will instantly awaken anything that is sleeping. Sleep is also a secondary status effect that can be caused to enemies by the use of weapons or items.

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A monster is poisoned when purple bubbles rise from atop its head. Each link directs to a page with more specific information. Placing and detonating bombs on a sleeping enemy will give it a devastating wake-up call. During Slimeblight, the hunter is covered with a green goo, and if the Brachydios hits with another Slime attack, the hunter will explode and take increased damage.

Element Elements are the secondary damage that is done.

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It is worth noting that while a monster sleeps, it regains lost health. When a monster lands several hits in succession, the hunter may become stunned. When hitting a monster with a Slime element weapon, the attack impact will light up with three different colors, starting from green to yellow to red.

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Element Image Poison Poison is a secondary status effect that affects monsters or hunters by gradually draining health over a certain amount of time. A creature is paralyzed when it is hunched over, and yellow shock waves pass through its body.

Under construction Element Main Article: The head of a Monster hunter 4 how to use slots is only penetrable with blue or above, while elsewhere on its body green sharpness will work. A monster can be paralyzed by using a weapon or an item. Paralysis Paralysis is a secondary status effect. He or she becomes immobile for a short time, allowing the monster to get a free hit. The elements are fire, water, thunder, dragon and ice.

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