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Zee does segments of gma sunday time slot weather and Robach reads the morning headlines. After Hartman's departure, Lunden was paired with ABC News correspondent Charles Gibson on February 23,which ultimately resulted in ratings for the program skyrocketing.

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This focuses on a featured lunch recipe. On-air staff weekday editions [ edit ] This list is incomplete ; you can help by expanding it.

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Hartman signed off the show that day with his trademark close: In Aprilit was announced that Spencer would cut back on her hours on GMA from five days a week to three. On January 18,the Gibson-Sawyer team paired by Ross debuted on-air, which during the first full season resulted in a dramatic increase in viewership while all other network news franchises saw losses.

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On June 29,the program's longtime film critic Joel Siegel died of complications from colon cancer at age On August 30,Roberts went on medical leave after undergoing a bone marrow transplant donated by her sister and fellow news anchor SallyAnn Roberts following her diagnosis with myelodysplastic syndrome. The following week, on September 13,the program introduced a new logo —this time with gold Avant Garde font on a blue background, which bears a resemblance to the original Good Morning America logo that was used up to early According to Linda McLoof, executive director of news research at ABC News from to"When Shelley left, her viewing momentum was initially sustained, but a season later, the audience began to decline.

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Viewership during this time increased by nearly 1 million households, and revenue soared. Roberts—Stephanopoulos—Strahan[ edit ] On September 6,Michael Strahan began his run as official full-time co-host of the program along with Roberts, Stephanopoulos, and Spencer.


Good Morning America began originating entire shows from unique locations, which, according to Nielsen Media Researchresulted in more people watching the program and for longer periods of time. History[ edit ] Strahan's new position was confirmed on April 15,when he was introduced to the audience as the new contributing anchor on the program.

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A new title sequence was debuted not including Spencer's name. Eastern Time weekday slot.

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An entirely new set for the program was introduced on January 31, ; the monitor geo satellite slots for national weather segments used mainly during the 7: The bug still gma sunday time slot the time and current local temperature to the left, but with an orange backdrop with an alternate "GMA" logo and the ABCNews.

This was the first major set change since the show upgraded to high definition in November The last ten minutes of that day's edition were dedicated to Perkins, during which he gave thanks to one of the show's producers and a heartfelt goodbye to anchors Gibson, Roberts and Sawyer. The tour's first telecast stop was in Stockbridge, Massachusetts.

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Growth and change[ edit ] The program's ratings climbed slowly, but steadily throughout the s and into the s while Today experienced a slight slump in viewership, especially with Walters' decision to leave NBC for a job at ABC News. Clips from all 40 years were shown.

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Gibson ended his tenure at GMA by stating, "For nineteen years, my mornings have been not just good—they've been great. On December 10,Stephanopoulos was announced as Sawyer's replacement, with Juju Chang replacing Cuomo as newsreader; the changes took effect four days later on December He affectionately said to his young son on-air, "Connor, if you're watching, daddy's comin' home.