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Kashi withered under negative press in when anti-GMO activists spread word that soy used by the brand was genetically modified. Log in or go back to the homepage.

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But their search for growth comes amid intense pressure to cut costs as bottom-line focused private equity firms such as 3G Capital lurk. CEO Denise Morrison recently summarized the situation using unusually stark language when she told financial analysts at a February meeting that "we are well aware of the mounting distrust of Big Food.

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Campbell Soup has been particularly aggressive in overhauling its portfolio. Families once reliably heaped their plates with products such as Stove Top stuffing from Kraft Foods, Hamburger Helper from General Mills and Kellogg cereals, along with similar products from other processed food titans.

In marketing circles she is known as the woman who green-lighted Oreo's "You can still dunk in the dark" tweet during the power outage at the Super Bowl that was seen as a watershed moment for real-time marketing. Indeed, while big companies are cutting costs and eliminating positions, Kind is growing its headcount.

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They are still being sold by the millions. So to maintain profit margins and satisfy Wall Street, marketers are undertaking seismic cost-cutting programs that could imperil long-term brand growth.

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Fereday stated in a recent report to clients. And they are joining companies like Kind, as opposed to some of the big CPG companies. Howard pointed out in her analyst's report.

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Perhaps more worrisome for big companies is that the small guys are starting to attract top marketing talent. They are racing to reformulate iconic products like Kraft's Mac and Cheese, while acquiring smaller brands in hopes of reinventing themselves to appeal to today's finicky consumers.

Of course, the small company acquisitions "don't come cheap," and are likely to take a toll on return-on-investment as they take time to build scale, Sanford Bernstein's Ms.

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The acquisition came after the company ft casino year basically conceded that it had wasted money trying to lure millennial consumers to three of its largest brands: The company also called for public reporting on antibiotic use. Mann said in a recent interview.

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In a recent note to employees, Kraft CEO John Cahill said the company is considering implementing "zero-based-budgeting. They've withstood the test of time," said Nick Fereday, an analyst at Rabobank International who covers food trends.

But it actually came from the Kashi brand owned by industry giant Kellogg Co. And frankly, [it] hasn't worked," then- CEO Gary Rodkin told analysts in February ofsignaling the company would target marketing at core buyers instead. Bernstein analyst Alexia Howard observed in a recent report.

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Doritos Roulette But the problem for now is that for the most part big brands are not growing as fast as they once did. And that has forced marketers into changing formulations for even the most iconic of brands.

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We are glad you are enjoying Advertising Age. In a move to preserve Annie's culture, General Mills has kept the brand's headquarters in Berkeley, Calif, rather than moving it to its Minneapolis corporate campus. Simonds said in an interview. And it's not as if junk food is going away.

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Also, "one of the unknowables is how many of these privately-held challenger brands will be willing to sell. Last year, General Mills took aspartame out of Yoplait Light yogurt. The group doritos roulette supermarket charged with lending "oversight, expertise, inspiration [and] collaboration" across the company's growing portfolio of natural and organic brands, Ms.

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Anything seen as artificial is definitely out. Mistakes included moving operations from Kashi's California birthland to Kellogg's corporate home in Michigan in Most companies are pledging that the changes won't change taste.