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Ram slot doesnt work, use the laptop...

The memory slot is permanently soldered on the motherboard. And this gave me an idea. Lets see if it hardlocks in pcdoc again. I send it in again. Can't find your answer? I can see a certain wisdom and advantage over a good flathead of the right size I bring 4 separate sets ballys roulette slot machine screwdrivers to ram slot doesnt work will do the trick and unless the customer is a complete ass they will never notice the microscopic indents.

It is also possible you have a bad stick of ram instead of the slot being bad, in this case the ram stick should cause the same problem all slots. Just touch a metal item to both power button pins to try to power the mainboard when outside of the computer case.

If you get one stick here, another stick there, and then mix those in with yet another couple of sticks of memory that you got here and there, the odds that the memory controller is going to find a single set of settings to work with all of those sticks approaches zero quickly.

If you get no response next: TheKookie March 3, cj Trying with 1 stick at ram slot doesnt work time in all 4 slots is the best way to test everything.

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Still roulette promotions tips PCDoc6 Load test. This is one of my main tools. I know this machine only can take a maximum of 1gb, but do I have to use two mb sticks? Do you have vibration with all of them or with only one particular disc? Take out all but one stick of memory, and boot up, and check to see what speed and amount of memory is showing for each single stick.

The unit is 2 years out of manufacture and under warranty. I use my contact, get them to repair it free of charge. You should only have the power supply, main board, 1 stick of ram in 1 slot, the cpu and cpu cooler connected.

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This guitar pick is going to fix my laptop. They send it back stating they could reproduce the issue and fixed it. Replace the whole damn board. Best answer Jun 6,6: You could also just have a very flaky stick of memory that seems to work in one instance, and not ram slot doesnt work next one.

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You will not fix the memory slot itself, but you can work around the problem. Now try to power on the machine. I have instell diff. They send it back with a bios update stating they could reproduce the issue. Disconnect pci cards, pci-e cards - except a video card unless you have onboard in which case use the onboard video and pull the video card, hard drives, dvd drives, disconnect all usb headers as well.

So, I reseat the memory. Memclock resets if it is altered, All ram works fine individually in every slot, pc will never find more then 4 gb.

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Now the REAL question is, what are you doing with a guitar pick at work man? Then try to power on again, you can short the power button pins on the motherboard, don't monaco casino square crash this is exactly what the power button does.

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Move it to the next slot until you have tried that stick in all slots by itself. Smack smack smack, ok.

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Pleasle what can i do to solve this problem. I have a pretty good idea at this point it is a bad mobo. Please tell me where I can find this information.