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We've added it to our Crew Skills Guide Directory to ensure that everyone can find the information if the thread is not at the top of the forum. You can ignore the last folder as it's not something we need.

An example for this is the Unbound Dremora.

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Go back to the object window, expand the "Character" dropdown on the left, and open the Race category. A new Elder Scrolls game?

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And that's it, we've added our first asset. Like heavy armor equipment should always have ArmorHeavy keyword, and so on The mod makes one small change to the original race, which can create conflicts if you use mods that make changes to it as well.

A consequence of this are cases of one-off errors of potion gold values in the CK compared to in-game values.

For future reference, if you ever want to slot machine betting strategy your mod again, check Skyrim. Even Bethesda has said that there is no such thing as a "clean save.

You should save your mod before going any further.

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This short lesson will cover the basics of adding resources to your project For this lesson we'll be using a resource for the TESA Resource Kit, which funnily enough you'll find here on TESA - TESA Resource Kit From the files available, download my fishing resources, they contain loose assets that'll be good for the lesson.

This type of minor mod can be removed easily without any awful side effects to your game.

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The next thing to do is save your mod. So is spaghetti until it gets hot. Create a character that you would like to share, or open your old save.

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If it isn't 0, you've done something wrong. Over on the right, Right-Click the list and select New, this will open a new window that will allow us to add a new resource to the list. This may take a while. Check to see if it worked by ticking the "Head" Checkbox at the very bottom of this window - a preview of your character's face will appear on the right.

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There is no point in having an empty mod enabled. You can get away with leaving the Name and Short Name empty, but I like to fill it in so it can be searched in the Creation Kit.

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Almost every Skyrim article on this site relies extensively on data taken from the CK.