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During the Blog Fest Joanne spoke eloquently on the role of fantasy as a tool for exploring real world issues and in this case of identity and perception. Those with long memories might recall that Dortmund was also the venue of the Eurocon.

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The convention will be called Titancon It shows the 5 charter flights with the highest dose rates; the 5 commercial flights with the highest dose rates; 5 commercial flights with near-average dose rates; and the 5 commercial flights with the lowest dose rates. Every day we monitor approximately flights criss-crossing the 10 busiest routes in the continental USA.

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Titancon is a Belfast-based convention which has been held in the city annually since The plot concerns Cora, she is a slave on a cotton plantation in Georgia. The radiation sensors onboard our helium balloons detect X-rays and gamma-rays in the energy range 10 keV to 20 MeV.

This Worldcon was one of those and hopefully more will in the future who formally put some of the programme online in YouTube as notably did last year's Eurocon scroll down a little towards. Smoke by Dan Vyleta.

Key SF News & SF Awards

Forced to flee again, Cora embarks on a harrowing flight, state by state, seeking true freedom. We last saw Death and fellow Dark Judges Fire, Fear and Mortis cast adrift in space at the end of the spectacularly drawn Dark Justice which appeared in AD in that was compiled into graphic collection in Imagine a world in which every bad thought you had was made visible.

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There was some advice, quickly given, to turn up early to items you wanted to see, but that advice did nothing to get round the fundamental problem that, as happened with London inthere simply was not the space!

Rowling's original drafts never before publicly seen. One thing Terry did not want was for his unfinished work to be published after his death. Planets have shattered and been remade. E-RAD lets us do something new: Or so everyone thinks.

Why are cosmic rays intensifying? A History of Magic exhibition to be held at the British Library. Full Adult Attending memberships to Titancon are currently available through the convention website at www.

As you may have gathered, the Orion BlogFest made for a busy evening. The Arthur C. When cosmic rays crash into Earth's atmosphere, they produce a spray of secondary particles that is most intense at the entrance to the stratosphere.

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Clarke Book Award has been announced. The convention organisers promptly cancelled the further sale of one-day tickets and from the third day secured some additional convention space from the venue, though overcrowding largely eased it remained an issue for some items.

Famous Monsters has been the leading authority on all things horror, sci-fi, and fantasy related for 59 years. The story is by John Wagner, Dredd's co-creator and Death's creator. Fitzwater Best Collected Work: But its placid surface masks an infernal scheme designed for its unknowing black inhabitants.

The main reason is the sun. It was a great evening with some additional interesting networking. Mirror, Mirror Best Fan Writing: MAG is the visual magnitude of the asteroid on the date of closest approach. Keep an eye out for it. In this plot, dose rates are expessed as multiples of sea level. The BlogFest was a single evening affair starting a couple of hours after the working day ended. Another reason could be the weakening of Earth's magnetic field, which helps protect us from deep-space radiation.

The Finland Worldcon has been held in Helsinki, Finland.

Editorial Comment & Staff Stuff

The Pottermore Art Collection has been launched to provide a selection of original posters and mounted prints, all taking inspiration from the original Harry Potter stories written by J. A selection of just a few is below N. Die Welten der Skiir Band 1 [Principate: There was a good international selection of shorts and well as anime.

We do this in part out of interest and in part as information for convention organisers as to the kind of topics that can be found in a science programme. This year there were science items on: Passengers typically experience dose rates that are 20 to 70 times higher than natural radiation at sea level.

And every time her friend, One-Eye - a good-for-nowt Outlander - comes by, he teaches her more and more about the gods and the runes. The Baileys Women's Prize is usually won by mundane novels not exotic speculative fiction and so this news is something of note.

Austral Morales Ferrado, a child of the last generation of ecopoets, is a husky:

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