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Amusingly, the dummy has two iron arrows in it, being nowhere close to the head.

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If the cages are picked open instead of using a key, the wolves will be docile and will remain in their cages indefinitely, even if the cell is reset. Certain features will also be locked up, such as saving. Be aware the depression is guarded by a sabre cat. Outside of Swindler's Den there are three unmarked locationseach containing a skill book: Upon entering the first hall, there is a practice dummy with a red apple perched atop its head.

Waiting three to four game weeks may reset this. Before adding a bug to this list, skyrim gambling den the following: There will be a note on the bandit's body telling him to "Find the missing pit wolves" as they lost too many in the last tournament, and to bring them back to Cragslane at once.

South of the fast travel point, two torches can be seen in the distance. The chests may be unlocked with the Craglane Chest Key, also skyrim gambling den from a bandit. The Dragonborn can play a mini-game of trying to shoot the apple with the long bow and iron arrows provided on the opposite ledge after clearing the dungeon.

The problem may arise as soon as the Dragonborn accepts the "Stealing Plans" quest from Aela the Huntress after clearing Gallows Rock in the Companions questline. This bug is related to an error during the decompression of the teleport script of this specific area.

From there, to the north is a depression. Bugs This section contains bugs related to Swindler's Den. This is a reference to the story of William Tellwho had to shoot an apple off of his son's head. Reloading to an earlier save will not fix this.

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This can be beneficial as vampire protection if The Elder Scrolls V: It is possible as a random encounter to find a dead bandit surrounded by three pit wolves. The keys are named Craglane, not Cragslane. In the entrance way there is a unnamed Dunmer that cannot be looted.

The warriors can be attacked and killed. In the depression there is a mammoth skeleton, slaughterfish eggnirnrootand a dead bandit. The only way outside is through the use of a command code that teleports the Dragonborn outside. At higher levels, there may be two sabre cats guarding the location.

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One bandit outside and two more inside respawn, but the other people and the pit wolves do not. With that, it is recommended to follow the path into the final hall; this spares the Dragonborn almost every battle with local bandits.

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If your character is in Werewolf form, you won't be able to feed off his corpse. To the right of the first hall, there are a couple of boulders, the Dragonborn can climb up with spamming the jump button.

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Bugs This section contains bugs related to Cragslane Cavern. Possible location for Ancient Technology. Whoever is left alive can now be finished off and looted the Alik'r will also have no conversation options and are not needed for any further quests.

Please reload an old save to confirm if the bug is still happening. This can skyrim gambling den completing the Companions quest line impossible. Likewise, if in Vampire Lord form, draining his life might not work correctly. From here look west to see some ruins. Before adding a bug to this list, consider the following: When at the ruins there's a Shrine of Zenitharsatchel, two silver ingotsand the skill bookvol 05 - Second Seed.

It is also possible that the player may find the bandit chasing the pit wolves and have to kill him as well. You should then be able to loot his body which has the name of Bouncer.

Upon entering the den under this scenario, the Alik'r spawn with a Bandit Chief and a couple of regular bandits who immediately become hostile to the Alik'r. On the dead bandit is the skill book Beggar. This book is needed for the quest "Rare Gifts" given by Rustleif in Dawnstar.