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Malting traits are equal or greater than 'Morex' with plum kernel percentage lower than 'Robust'. It has white aleurone, long rachilla hairs and semismooth awns. Straw strength is similar to 'Excel' and 'Stander', but better than 'Robust'.

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It had greater straw strength than 'Kindred'. It had rough awns and short rachilla hairs.

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Heading date is similar to Robust and plant height is similar to Stander. It is a midshort, medium strength-strawed, midseason-maturing barley.

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Similar to 'Traill' and 'Kindred' in plant height, heading date, and test weight, it had a higher percentage of plump kernels. It was similar to 'Trophy' in heading date, plant height, and straw strength. It showed less leaf rust symptoms compared to other varieties at the time. It has better yield, test weight, and lodging score, and lower protein, than 'Bowman' and 'Morex'.

It had weak to moderate-stiff straw and was susceptible to stem rust.

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It was resistant to stem rust and had the same reaction to spot blotch and Septoria as 'Kindred'. It was released by Montana in It is resistant to wheat stem rust, but is susceptible to loose smut and barley yellow dwarf virus.

It was superior to all other malt varieties for kernel plumpness at the time of release. Lykken, a Kindred, North Dakota farmer. However, its net blotch resistance is better than any current variety.

It has good test weight and straw strength. It is resistant to powdery mildew and net blotch, but is moderately susceptible to spot blotch. It is a two-row, relatively short, stiff-strawed, late-maturing variety. It is a white-aleurone, two-row barley similar to 'Bowman' in heading date and plant height and similar to 'Morex' for foliar diseases.

Lodging, spot, and net blotch resistance was similar to 'Dickson', but it had higher resistance to Septoria leaf blotch. It has a nodding head type, semismooth awns, long rachilla hairs. It was high-yielding with plump kernels.

A parameter in barley cultivation [15] Lodging: It has improved reaction to Fusarium head blight and consistently lower DON content.

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It outyielded most of the common types being grown in North Dakota at the time. It is moderately susceptible to net blotch, but resistant to spot blotch. The kernels are long and wide with yellow aleurone.

It was developed from false stripe virus -free stock.

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It was a six-row, rough-awned, medium-early Manchurian-type malting variety that gave good yields. Test weight and yield are better than 'Bowman'.

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It is susceptible to loose smut. Berea six-row barley, is currently cultivated mainly on hectares of land in Orkney, Scotland.

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Its disease reaction was similar to 'Tregal'. Acronym for deoxynivalenol, a toxic byproduct of Fusarium head blightalso known as vomitoxin Heading date: In two years of plant-scale evaluation, 'Drummond' was found satisfactory by Anheuser-Busch, Inc.

It was medium-height with weak straw.

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It was medium-early with short, stiff straw, erect head, and high resistance to loose smut.