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After a lengthy round of hands, a break is called. The broker for the deal is a Mr. The door opens and Mr. Bond examines the man's messages briefly, seeing one with an American phone number and the word "ellipsis. M informs Bond of a poker game at the Casino Royale and agrees to let Bond continue the casino cast wiki since he's the best poker player in the service.

One man has a flush, while another has a full house. Returning to Nassau, Bond discovers that Solange had been murdered. When M phones about his resignation, she says that they need to talk about the money being returned to the British government first, which tips off that Vesper was using him all along.

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Bond later sneaks into M's home and hacks her top-level clearance so he can trace where the cell phone call originated from. White, the broker from the first scene with Obanno, walks in.

The next day, during the continuing poker game, Bond loses all his money to Le Chiffre after misreading a bluff and admits to Vesper that he made a mistake.

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Eventually, Carlos leaps off the truck, and Bond is barely able to stop the tanker from hitting the plane. The car rolls several times, destroying it and injuring Bond, rendering him unconscious. Bond places a tracking device in Le Chiffre's asthma inhaler and takes Vesper back to their room.

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The Swiss banker in charge of the winnings account visits and Bond gives Vesper the password to key in; the password is her own first name. She also tells him wynn casino stock symbol go on a brief vacation until she can decide how best to deal with him.

Bond is stripped and bound to a chair with the seat removed, leaving his testicles exposed. Bond slowly builds his bank again and once again becomes a threat to Le Chiffre. She thought it was a mistake to give him 00 status.

Based on the novel Casino Royale by Ian Flemingit is the first Bond film to take its title from an Ian Fleming novel or short story since 's The Living Daylights and the first to be directly based on any of Fleming's writing's since 's Licence to Kill although several films in the interim, such as the preceding Die Another Dayhad incorporated some story elements from Fleming.

Bond charges into the embassy, in direct contravention of international law and his orders, and catches Mollaka. Le Win roulette in casino plan was to "short-sell" hundreds of millions of dollars in Skyfleet stock and, in destroying their prototype, cause their stock to plummet and send them into bankruptcy.

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Dryden says that Bond "needn't worry, the second is--" at which point Bond kills Dryden.