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This building incorporates a specially dedicated new office for the lighthouse and a protected zone from the deck.

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The existing building complex was built in the 70th century. This proposed landmark building is an elevated landscape with emphasis on preserving the horizontal qualities of the site.

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But it is also an extension of the boulevard. Land Based Casinos Searching for local casinos in your country? The essence of this design suggests the strong protection and inner abundance of a financial institution with integrity.

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Imperial Casino Another smaller casino, there are only twenty slot machines located here. The site is currently a home for 19th century navigation lighthouse, which is later integrated into the proposed public space and building development. There is also a bar, so you can stop by after work or a long day for a few drinks and some gaming.

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Elevated Landscape The concept behind this building centers on the notion of an elevated landscape, an open public platform which acts like an open Amphitheatre for viewing the performance on the stage. Active; focal plane 20 m 66 ft ; two red flashes every 6 s.

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Programme Programme of the building is focused two main features - the void and the Oasis courtyard. Slot Club Tbilisi This slot machine extravaganza is open all year long, 24 hours a day. Pekini Casino Pekini Casino is more of a bar than a casino, but with over twenty machines and electronic gambling games, the Pekini Casino is a local favorite.

All buildings are rectangular shape and their skeleton is determined by joint concrete slabs and columns. It acts as a buffer zone before the covered courtyard.

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Lighthouse painted white; lantern dome is dark metallic. The courtyard oasis garden is further illuminated, especially after nightfall by a translucent sphere that acts like the sun or the moon - providing the oasis with a constant glow. Reviews Overview Grand Palace is a 3-star property offering a quiet accommodation with airport transfer, shuttle service and room service.

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The bathrooms come with a bathtub, a shower and complimentary toiletries for more comfort. The lighting of the deck itself in the evening is minimal and arranged so that it doesn't interfere with the working of the lighthouse. Located on the point of Mys Cape Burun Tabiya, which partly shelters the harbor of Batumi, about 1 km 0.

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The void combines functions of a lobby, reception, operation hall and smoking terraces. With twenty-five machine and the most gaming tables of any casino in Georgia, Casino Adjara is becoming the go to casino for gamblers of any skill level.

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There is also a roulette table, restaurant and bar. With seventy slot machines, you can spend hour after hour having fun and gambling until the sun comes up. Shuttle lifts are connecting the lobby to the senior management offices floor and the sky-garden. Rooms Grand Palace includes 35 guestrooms with individual climate control, wireless internet, a private balcony, a fridge and a dressing area.

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Internet Wireless internet is available in the entire hotel for free. Lighthouse - 'Mys Burun Tabiya' Date unknown early s station established under Ottoman rule in Monument of King Vakhtang Gorgasali is 1. The interaction of the programme and the stage of the proposed building emerged based on a number of considerations: The complex consists of several buildings blocks. The stage is 20m x 20m which can accommodate a different range of musical performance from a piece classical orchestra to jazz bands and rock groups.

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Almost fifty slot machines call this casino home, so there is sure to be a game for everyone to play and enjoy. This stage is accompanied by an open-air cafe, which has access from the ground floor with a lift. The complex consists of several building. The city center lies within 4 km from the venue.