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The spectators couldn't control their feet and were dancing in their seats with the excellent music. We will be concentrating on technique, fun and exciting foot work, leading and following and intermediate partnerwork. Everyone was packed closely together to enjoy this great musical spectacle. The student will also learn the name of each move and how to transition from one partner to another.

There were even two pairs of foreigners, one from Belgium and another from Holland who competed as well.

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While learning how to listen to music and learn a Salsa choreography, they will also learn to collaborate and work with other kids. While learning the musicality of Bachata, students will also learn the importance of connection through leading and following.

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The show concluded with prizes awarded to the winning couples. Kids Classes Our new kids program is designed to teach our kids many different aspect of dance. The public gave this dancer the nickname of "el guajiro" because of his generous figure and his original hat made of "guano" bat excrement! Bachata Class Our Bachata class is designed to teach the fundamental foot work and partnerwork.

Kids classes are held every Saturday from 10am to The Second Place went to couple No. Each week the instructor will be reviewing the material from the week before, as well as teaching a new element from the course syllabus.

Third Place went to couple No. This was also another venue in which to celebrate and foment the glory of populuar Cuban music, of our traditional dances, a great source of pride for the Pearl of the Caribbean. This song was number one on the Hit Parade of popular Cuban music during the 80's.

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Students will have a better knowledge of the Mambo timing, as well as a baile de casino salsa repertoire of footwork and partnerwork. Student will have a knowledge of Bachata basic steps as well as learning to find the tempo of the music; bongo, base guitar, lead guitar, guira and timing of the basic step. Intermediate Salsa Class Our Intermediate class is designed to teach how to incorporate the moves together.

Just like when a house is built, after the fundamentals are in place, we begin giving shape to our house. We hope this high quality event will generate others, just like the one planned for International Women's Day, to be held in the Mariana Grajales Amphitheatre on March 8, The creativity of the dancers was contagious, and they showed off their talent by executing brilliant moves in colorful costumes, which added a special touch to this unique presentation.

Directed by Master instructor and dance choreographer Candy Mena, this kids are in for a treat! With true professionalism they analyzed and took into account rhythm, style, originality, creativity and teamwork among the couples so as to grant the prizes to the winners.

The emotion and the applause mixed as thousands of music fans showed their appreciation all night long. The enthusiasm of the night lasted until the wee hours because the people of Santiago live and breathe the music that gives them life!

Students will learn basic and fundamental turns which will be incorporated in partnerwork. The student will learn how to create a pattern by using footwork, basic moves and basic turns and more importantly, dance to the music. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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This email address is being protected from spambots. El Premio Especial fue para la pareja No. The colors, rhythm and talent filled this beautiful year old city with happiness, here in the cradle of the Bolero and Son.

Students will have a basic knowledge on how to put patterns together while maintaining timing as the focus. The highpoint of the evening was created by the participants of the seven Ruedas de Casino participants who made the crowd hoarse from shouting as they showed off their original turns and movements.

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Thousands of people gathered in an orderly fashion, not only around the dance floor which was specially designed for this musical event, but all the way to the atrium of the Cathedral, the entrance to the Hotel Casa Granda, and the balconies of the Casa Municipal de Cultura, formerly the Club San Carlos.

Concentrating in teaching fundamentals foot work, leading and following, basic turns and fun partnerwork. This well-loved orchestra set the tone for the evening, and not only imparted joy, but even evoked some tears of nostalgia from those songs which have been kept in the hearts of dancers of all ages. The Special Prize went to couple No. Even though we would like to fnv blackjack this class as Dominican style Bachata, we will be teaching some urban and sensual Bachata movements.

Three days prior to the celebration the local radio stations began to promote the Gran de Baile de Casino Cubano and during the event itself, radio afficcionados world-wide were in direct contact with Santiago de Cuba. A very young couple, almost children, who showed a good, solid knowledge of the different genres of dance won the Popularity Prize This couple was No.