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In the centre of the door is a black-and-white meter. He will ask you to look around at the squatter areas where the "NCR folk hang", so that he can clear up the rumor that the NCR is taking over much northern quest casino event rooms New Vegas. Additionally, Jerrod is needed for each section. Once they are killed, Orris will tell you to be more careful and will return to his original spot.

Proceed up the hallway past the last two masks to the lever, and enter the next room.

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He will prompt you to talk to his friend Waynethe other victim, who saw more action than he did. As you run through this detour, Orris will then suddenly run ahead and shoot his gun against four thugs waiting to ambush, killing them. Once the gauge is balanced, quickly switch to Jerrod and track the next set of footprints.

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They ended up in the squatter side of town, where they engaged in an argument against two "big guys" after asking them if they were locals. Upon entering the vault, you are greeted by two of Sliske's masks, Shadow and Light.

Orris can be found among the other bodyguards in Freesidenear the north entrance. In your chatbox you will get a warning telling you Zemouregal will move the portals in 60 seconds. Hiring him the first time Edit The King will supply you caps in order to hire Orris. While you are not timed, some events will timeout.

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Continue across the hallway and dispatch the guard walking around the pillar 4. When you directly face the vault door, you're looking south.

If the player questions Wayne's story by asking, "You're not hiding something from me, are you? In every passageway will be a signpost with a poem written on it, giving the clues to which cave openings to enter.

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A trail of footprints After you unlock the first memory, Nomad and Enakhra will begin draining the door. You can see where they will come from next by looking for glowing eyes in the tunnels. Forward dive up the hallway following the cloud to the first doorway there are also niches northern quest casino event rooms the walls you can hide in.

Keep a keen eye on your compass and on the compass in the top right of the portal menu. If you fail, he will reluctantly reject your threat and will suggest finishing up the tour. Room 3 Switches and guards will have numbers mentioned that correspond to the map image on the right.

Jerrod will kill the last guard near lever 5 by the doors. He will also ask you to talk to Julie Farkaswho might have some information about the presence of the NCR in Freeside.

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Stand in the doorway to the main hallway and wait for the guard 3 to come to you and dispatch him watch for the shadow on the floor. Not noticing anything peculiar with him will lead you to report back to The King, claiming that he appears to be legitimate.

You must first talk to Roywho wishes to be left alone with his friend and fellow victim.

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You will get a message if they are already correct. Return to the south-east corner and pull the lever 1. Pull the final lever by the door, watching for the main hallway shadow. The first request from The King is to hire the bodyguard named Orrisand see why he's so popular with the local tourists. He will tell you that Orris will be pulled out of the streets "when no one's looking.

The competing guards all offer services to incoming tourists of the town. If successful, you will find out that they are merely pretending to be dead.

The King will not be satisfied with this, and will ask you to hire him a second time, without providing the cap fund. With a Medicine skill of 30, you can check the thugs' bodies.

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You have two options: