Batman: Arkham Origins Enigma Datapack Locations Guide

Gotham casino enigma data pack, enter the front...

Turn right and then collect the datapack from the workbench. Place gel on the light to the right and then hit the left light. When you get to the top of the Boiler Room in the Final Offer, use the glue grenade to stop the steam coming out from the pipe beside the bars. This time round, the eccentric character has stashed a series of datapacks around the city.

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Travel through to the back of the main room, travel up a small flight of stairs and the datapack is lying on the floor. The bars should descend, allowing Batman to use his Batclaw to grab it from a distance.

On the rooftop where the Gotham Casinos sign is, simply throw a glue grenade at the pipe and then crawl into the vent to grab the data pack. This area is north of the Ace Chemicals buildings and south of the Monarch Theater. Boiler room main deck: Stand on the pad to open up a small section of the cage, lob a remote-controlled Batarang through the newly opened aperture and activate a switch on the back-wall.

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Rear of church roof: Park Row Datapacks East of communications towers: Amusement Mile Datapacks Please be aware, for our Batman: Activate the first green switch left and head inside the first compartment of the opened container. You should be able to see a pipe cover, which can be opened using the Batclaw.

The Bowery Datapacks

Explosive Gel is required to blow up the wall of the makeshift shack. Arkham Origins locations guide will be posted, shortly, so be sure to check back soon. East of Ace Chemicals Building: On a rooftop beside the rear of the cathedral in Park Row, there will be a generator.

Alternatively, you can set Explosive Gel on the first two switches, at each end of the Hotel, detonate them, and then simply Batarang the remaining trio of switches. Just below the light bulb sign is a caged datapack east of Ace Chemicals. Around this area should be a pressure switch; stand on it to reveal the location of a wall-mounted switch. Starting off on the Ace Chemical Building, drop down in front of the company emblem to a fenced off area; therein lies the datapack.

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Shock the generator and step on the nearest pressure pad. Crawl through the open vent and when you can stand, explode the gel. Final Offer Theater staircase vents: Throw a remote-controlled Batarang down through the collapsed area of the deck, charge the Batarang using the electrified gate, perform a degree turn and steer it back to overload the fuse box.

West of Park Gran casino del grao de castellon sewer access: Then throw a Batarang onto the west end of the building, and quick-fire additional Batarangs onto a row of three switches located on the buildings north-face.

There is a three by three grid of switches located on a nearby wall. The vastness of the open-world lends itself nicely to the myriad of activities that Warner Brothers Games Montreal have lovingly bundled into the game.