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If you do not have access to this or similar software, buy yourself a spiral notebook. In the expenses section you will notice an entry for blackjack books.

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Tuesday April 22nd Sahara, went downpopped back to and walked. An excellent choice to play blackjack for real money and they offer a great blackjack bonus.

Friday May 23rd Sunset Station, no money hands, dealer hot, no tables, bad place to go. Taxes are a fact of life, even for blackjack players.

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By definition of the law you are a professional blackjack player if the majority of your income is derived from playing cards. Take a moment right now to set up your blackjack record keeping system and know that doing this will prevent any potential trouble you might encounter as a successful professional blackjack player. Saturday May 24th Sahara, bad night, got blackjack records get more serious!

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Casino dealer resorts world manila salary be sure to keep receipts for all of your expenses. Once you have a system set up for keeping your records it only takes a moment or two to update them.

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When you have good records you can look at them and see if you are playing very well or very poorly. It is the same in many other countries as well. Tuesday May 27th Bellagio, in a bad slump, feeling sick still, just a bad night. This means that come the end of the year you must file a tax return and pay taxes on your winnings.

Saturday May 10th - Not feeling well, took night off.

At the minimum you should list the date, where you played and how long, and the amount of money you won or lost. The truth is, in the United States the Internal Revenue Service recognizes gambling as a legitimate profession. This month I recommend you visit my favorite casino — Click Here.

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Monday May 26th Caesers, bad night, feeling sick, should not have played tonight. A use equipment slot macro reason you need to keep an accurate set of blackjack records is to mark your progress.

Every successful blackjack player keeps very detailed records on their playing sessions, and so should you. Wednesday May 14th - The same thing, still not feeling well. Did you think that playing blackjack for a living made you exempt from paying taxes?

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You can update your records very easily this way. It is very possible to find an app for your Android or iPhone that will track your sessions at the blackjack table. In either case you should create a table that looks something like the following: If you are ever audited you will need to show proof of these expenses.

For one thing, all transactions over a certain amount of money are reported.

Tuesday June 3rd Caesers, own fault for staying on bad table. When you cash out a large sum of money there will be a paper trail. One final word should be said blackjack records record keeping.