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After Genra's death, she inherited the title of leader of the Hajinmon sect. From a young age, Ayane was trained to become a shinobi of the shadows, helping the clan from afar. After watching the explosion in shock and disbelief, he turns around to find Bayman who immediately confronts Zack.

After the tournament, Zack once again succeeded in this task and returned to his life of leisure.

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After Raidou's rampage, Hayate was left grievously injured, which caused him to fall into a coma, leaving Kasumi to become the new heir for the title of clan leader. Heartbroken, she tried to commit suicide but was stopped when Ayame found her. Enraged that Ayane would turn against him after raising her, Genra opened a portal to Hellfire and attacked Hayate and Ayane in his Omega form.

Still in shock, he fights Bayman. Ayane got annoyed by the boy's negative attitude about himself, giving Eliot a slap and a reprimand but, much to her surprise, Eliot thanked her for the experience. Major plot details and endings below. Unaware of the circumstances of her birth, Ayane and Kasumi became best friends while they were children, although neither of them knew that they were half-sisters.

Notably, Helena Douglas came over to see Zack with an offer. Childhood Edit As a result of being conceived when Ayame, the wife of mugen casino night zone leader Shidenwas raped by Raidou; Shiden's older brother and the progenitor of the Mugen Tenshin's troubles,Ayane has been an outcast for majority of her childhood, naming her "the child of evil"and was unwanted from the whole clan as they harbored a deep fear and hatred to her.

She didn't try to kill mugen casino night zone big sister and said Kasumi could see Hayate but not before she gave her a beating for her troubles. She and the others later learned it was a hoax, although they later took it in stride, deciding to use the opportunity for a vacation. Tina wasn't impressed and refused his advances, giving him a mirror and told him to "use it", hinting that she didn't like his mugen casino night zone.

Edit Although Mugen casino night zone managed to escape her sister's grasp, that won't stop Ayane from trying to complete her task. He apparently succeeds in that endeavor, to an extent. Because of this, Helena gave her first place title to him. With the winnings, Zack went to Las Vegas, and not only did he meet his future girlfriend and partner, Nikibut they also won a fortune from the Roulette tables together.

During the tournament, he has to fight Gen Fuwho wants the prize money to pay off his granddaughter 's hospital fees.

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He also earns a high enough ranking in the tournament to gain a prize of significant monetary value. In the end, after a fight, they agreed to take him down together. Hayate felt it was his duty as the new clan leader but Ayane, as Genra's foster daughter, felt it was her duty.

They were both defeated in the end. Back at the village, Ayane preformed a funeral pyre for her foster father, and kept his tokkosho as a memento. However, when they got there, they discovered the entire thing was a hoax. Although both girls made it to the last few rounds, Ayane was defeated by her older sister, meaning Kasumi had the chance to take down Raidou.

Before the girls could do anything else, Fame stopped them and told them if they wanted to fight Raidou they had to make it to the final round of the tournament. After her mother told her that their family bonds were stronger than the shinobi code and asked the girl to save her sister, Ayane went with Hayate to look for Genra and Kasumi.

Ayane was not happy about Kasumi's new role but as Kasumi didn't know how Hayate was injured because Shiden had kept her in the dark, Ayane told her the truth.

Time sure does fly". In the end, Ayane actually casino college station texas first, but due to her departure after the tournament, Zack claimed the title by default, and got the prize money.

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As Zack went through the rounds, he meets Tina's father, Basswho, mugen casino night zone a protective parent, became enraged when he learned Zack liked Tina. He also fights Bass once more, and both fight over the who is going to win the prize money. Ayane tried to beat the information out of Kokoro, but when Hayate arrived, Kokoro took the opportunity to run away.

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After Genra's death, Ayane became the new master of the Hajinmon sect. Although Ayane hated the idea, she didn't argue with Hayabusa and returned to her village for the time being.

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It's unknown if Ayane did it to allow Helena to carry out her actions or to keep Kasumi from getting herself killed. Edit Shortly after the fifth tournamentZack decides to rebuild once again the New Zack Island after the last catastrophe two years ago. Zack in Dead or Alive 2 Edit Zack entered the next tournament to please his fans and gain more money. Edit Ayane, alongside the eight other female fighters of the Dead or Alive World Combat Tournament including Kasumi as well as a newcomer named Lisa Mugen casino night zone were invited by Zack to his newly acquired Zack Island in the tropics for a supposed Dead or Alive Tournament being held there.

He also meets Leonwho seems to know him, but Zack claims that he doesn't know the man at all and pulls the same mirror insult on Leon that Tina did. Ayane confronted him but was quickly defeated. Although she was not the killer, Ayane neither confirmed nor denied the accusation, choosing to simply taunt the woman instead.

Edit Zack is under Helena's employment during the two years after the fourth tournament. It seemed that both girls were equally matched, and Hayate finally told Hitomi that they were shinobi. Her outburst in protest earned Ayane a slap from Hayate, and she began to believe her brother didn't love her anymore.