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If the hand wins the dealer will pay you a green chip and a red chip. The reason is if you place the chip s outside of the betting circle, you have no control over them.

It sounds as though he is shooting himself in the foot--remember Chuck, all guests are potential tippers! Do not lift your chips in the process. Dear Wizard, After reading a posted letter from a Dealer Chuck in your Gambling Etiquette section concerning tipping, I had to comment walthill casino a few of his statements.

Chuck is also quite misdirected with the statement that Pit Bosses, Hosts and Management want the guests to lose. In both a management and front line sense, that is job security! Tipping in electronic games, namely slots, video poker, and video keno, is a matter of much debate with no firm social norm. Does it make a difference how you tip the dealer?

March 1, Gambling Etiquette Tipping For those who have never played a table game before, this section is for you. Dealers do not want to be blamed if you follow their advice and you lose so they will usually give a vague answer if you ask.

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Normally, if a dealer makes an error in dealing the cards or in a payoff, she is supposed to bring it to the attention of her golden treasure casino ciudad juarez. The floor supervisor has the responsibility to correct the mistake.

I also wait until the count is in my favor before making a bet for the dealer. This way, the dealer will have a stake in the outcome and root for you to win this usually will get their attention and smiles.


Regardless of which casino players are in, tipping is greatly appreciated because we depend on tips to survive. These seem to be the ones who have the attitude that they are entitled to more, even though their guest service or dealing skills are less than acceptable.

A George is a high-roller who hands out hundred, five hundred, and thousand dollar chips to dealers. If they are making lots of tips that means that our guests are happy and enjoy their experience in our casino and with our staff. Use this time to get your money ready.

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If you bust then lay down your cards face up by your bet. Dealers make minimum wage, plus tips. Why should a player tip a dealer anyway? There are two common ways that most players tip a dealer. Players will generally get better service in a casino where dealers keep their own tips.

The smaller your average bet the greater the ratio of tip to bet should be. This is addressed in more depth in my blackjack FAQ.

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Wait until after the hand is over. You then give the dealer one red chip representing the winning chip from the extra chip you bet on the hand.

The above are guidelines; how much you tip is very much a personal thing. If your hand loses, the dealer receives no tip the chip that you bet for the dealer now become part of the casino bank. At specific times of the day many casinos will give a how much to tip blackjack dealer of all the major games, explaining the rules and how to play.