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As he was growing up, he became very close to his younger sister Clover, who helped him cope with his blindness, and she acted as Light's eyes. She still insists that Zero is one of the players.

Clover was also kidnapped as a transmitter for the Nonary Game and was placed in Building Q in Nevadawhile Light was placed in the Gigantic as a receiver. After opening it, a note inside revealed that Light had been an unwilling participant of a Nonary Game in Light watched as Junpei got Ace to admit his true identity as Gentarou Hongou and the circumstances of Nijisaki's, Kubota's and Musashidou 's deaths.

The room is quiet until Seven breaks the silence.

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Junpei points out that the clues are too obvious for the man to be Zero, and that the real Zero is mocking them. He is also very knowledgeable about a variety of topics and well-versed in various genres, such as culture and religion.

He also participated in Clover's first infiltration mission by having Clover transmit information to him. On this route, in the chart roomClover mentions that she is thinking about her brother and why someone would want to kill him.

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He volunteers to stay behind, but is met with disapproval from the others on the idea. Light is shot five times in the chest. This allows it to counteract tubocurarine. It is unknown if he survived the Radical-6 outbreak in the game's timeline.

At first, Clover and Light were hesitant to join SOIS because they wanted to relax and escape from the past, but after a phone call from Seven, they gave in and decided to help Alice. She is staring at her own conceit and narcissism. A note in Clover's hand provided a hint for the combination of the safe in the 1st class cabin.

They essentially became inseparable.

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Despite his blindness, or perhaps because of it, he has the insight to see through various truths. She says that the fact that Santa had given him the bookmark was good news, as only the test subjects of the First Nonary Game knew about it. Seven then regains his memory after seeing Ace's picture and tells Junpei and Clover what happened on the Gigantic. You'll find the 5 on the card table on the first screen.

Like the other players, he wears a bracelet on his left wrist. He was able to grab Ace and hold him down. Perhaps you are hoping we will spend time on it, together That's because it's the first name of a physicist I respect. It also is a reference to how, in the Safe Ending, he refused to let Ace go and gripped him until he died, just likes snakes do.

I live in the darkness, yes. Light in the Study with the others. All of the cards are in hand.

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Most of the escape involves collecting a series of items, and toward the end you'll have a couple fairly straightforward puzzles to solve using them. Light and the other players besides June ran down the central staircase only to encounter Junpei and two numbered doors Door 4 and Door 5.

Seven and Lotus left the incinerator, but Junpei refused to let Light die. Ace wasted all his remaining bullets on Light but that still didn't stop him.

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Play the 5, 6 and 7, and you'll unlock the glass case, letting you grab the 8 you need to unlock the exit. Clover puts it off as a sick joke and they decide to closely examine his body.

When Junpei investigates the glass panels in the casino, Light gets very sad. When Clover fell on the big staircase a little while ago, you were at her side immediately. During his time on the Gigantic, Light distributed the four-leaf clovers to the other players on the Gigantic, when they began to argue and break down in the large hospital room.

He is an unending source of information, but tends to only reveal it when there is no other option.

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In fact, I can run quite fast--certainly as fast as you.