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Time slot[ edit ] A show's time slot or place in the schedule could be crucial to its success or failure see tentpoling above. Live sports broadcasts have been a particular target for unauthorized retransmission on the internet.

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Some shows have achieved success on Fridays even with the notion of the "death slot" examples include some programs within the now-defunct TGIF lineup, and more recently Shark Tankboth aired on ABC in the U.

While national laws provide various options for tackling signal piracy, including shutting down illegal websites, broadcasting organizations have pressed for better legal protection at international level.

Other "death slots" include Saturday nights, the Spoiling[ edit ] Spoiling tactics are used to grab audience share, when broadcasters have similar products going head to head. Weekend afternoons both Saturday and Sunday often feature different sporting events to varying degrees. Daytime[ edit ] On televisionlike on radio, the day is divided into similar dayparts, although the times have been blurred somewhat.

The highest rated programs on television often air during prime time, and almost all scripted programming except soap operas, game shows, and more recently, sketch comedy shows air during the prime time slots.

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Daily variations[ edit ] There are some variations to dayparting based on the day. Also, when a station has a new show starting, or if it needs to boost its ratings, part of its cast will be featured in other programmes in the same station, inserted in the dynamics of the programme they are in.

Late-night shows are predominantly targeted toward younger male audiences college students and people who suffer from insomnia are also a large audience for late night programs and feature a common format of a male host delivering a stand-up comedy routine known as a monologue centered around current events, followed by several guests and a house band's performance.

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Music stations often are careful not to repeat songs during broadcasting slot midday shift, as they generally have a captive audience, and will often use "9 to 5 No Repeat Workdays" and all-request or specialty lunch hours to lure listeners and air a broader variety of music. It is commonly restricted to describing the airing of shows which were weekly in their first run; The West Wing could be stripped, but not Jeopardy!

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Additional local newscasts have become increasingly popular in this time slot. In talk radio, where voice tracking is impossible and syndicated content is live and national, these lines blur somewhat. Shows that are syndicated in this way generally have to have run for several seasons the rule of thumb is usually episodes in order to have enough episodes to run without significant repeats.

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Conversely, failing shows could be consigned to unfavorable times, such as the Friday night death slot. After the late night shows, programming varies; this time slot between approximately 2: Some stations may sign-off for the night though this has become less common since the sair infomercialsor air news or reruns of other programming.

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Most stations both talk and music air local programming in one or both drive time slots. Australia[ edit ] In Australia, dayparting is not as complex.

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In North America, Friday nights are often considered to be the " death slot ", due to the concept that many shows scheduled on or moved to Friday nights would not last long before cancellation due to low ratings. Friday and Saturday primetime, much like the U. There is a small audience drop off at 9:

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