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They are known for being reliable, affordable machines, and were replaced by an updated model in These older boards are notorious for bad capacitors, please make sure when you get one that you check for swollen caps if it won't boot after install, that is probably the problem.

Look for bad ones in the row of them next to the CPU or by the memory slots or sometimes between the add in card slots.

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The system's no slouch in real-world work applications either. I really hate this dimension case - I have to fiddle with it every time I try to plug in my ipod or flash drive!.

Although the GB hard disk is adequate for most, it's restrictive for a system costing this much. Apparently has a heat problem, or was built with medium quality capacitors.

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What Operating System do you plan on using, and will it be 32 bit, or 64 bit? Edited by Sevein, 12 November - Fortunately, you can upgrade to a larger hard drive dimension 8400 slots even a striped array.

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Even "crossfire" support doesn't really interest me since I'm not aming to have a rig that can play every game at the most intense graphics. The only niggle was a lack of volume, although they still pack enough punch for a large room.

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I am welcome to any and all suggestions. If I were to get 2 gigs of faster ram, should I get 2 1gig sticks or 4 mb sticks? I'm going to be honest here and say that I have almost no idea what the last four ports are used for.

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Video of the Day Ports and Expansion Slots The Dell Dimension 's expansion slots are PCI, running at 33 Mhz for expansion cards these are cards that plug into slots dimension 8400 slots the motherboard and provide extra capabilities to the computer, like the ability to access a game controller. I know a little. Sound quality is good too: DVDs are displayed accurately too, although some detail was lost in very dark or bright areas.

Upon examination on arrival it was discovered that there was a blown capacitor adjacent to the memory modules. You can read up on bad capacitors on www. Page 1 of 2 Dell Dimension review. The central speaker tidily attaches to the underside of the screen, neatly hiding the dangling cables.

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With AA and AF turned off, we saw negligible differences between the systems of a few frames per second, with both games running at over 50fps. Dell uses a 19in TFT to get a comparable screen size, if not the increased resolution: Our tough display tests are designed wiesbaden black jack highlight even minor flaws, but Dell's FP passed them all with only a couple of minor hiccups.

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What size case fans do you want to use, and how many, 80mm, 90mm, mm? Well I think that I'll keep my current operating system. Otherwise it serves typical functions - watching movies, word processing, internet etc.

Don't really care about space 6. More logic says that they had a bad power supply and changing it fixed the problem and they noticed that the two power supplies had different revision numbers. I guess I have a small question about that. What processor are you thinking about? I was blessed to find this replacement. The older white Dell towers often had special Dell power supplies.

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Well the size really doesn't matter to me. You can see examples of bad capacitors on the right hand side as you scroll down. Good Luck Edited by rotor, 25 August - From the Dimension and newer they were ATX. Dell's configurator will allow you to include only a high-end graphics card - in this case, a Radeon X XT Platinum Edition - but not the fastest Pentium 4s.

Perfect for Internet, Not for heavy usage or gaming however.

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Refurbished by mrsjaguar Apr 03, decent board as long as capacitors are not bad third dimension board in 2 years. About two maybe three fans would make me happy! The Dell Dimension motherboard has plenty of room for expansion.

So far I've found that my current setup runs most of the games I play things like Oblivion on midhigh to high settings. The Dimension comes with both a DVD writer and a combo drive to help distribute the movies and other dimension 8400 slots you make, or just to make backing up easier.

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My memory of this model says that it may have some bad capacitors by now depending on usage.