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To prove this, the Witnesses highlight Bible prophecies that they feel are being fulfilled increasingly in the last years. They felt that jehovah witness view on gambling was unethical to give him chemotherapy because in the absence of blood support it was likely to fail, and could even hasten his death.

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Many Jehovah's Witnesses carry a signed and witnessed advance directive card absolutely refusing blood and releasing doctors from any liability arising from this refusal.

In truth, they do not practice faith healing and they visit doctors and hospitals and accept any procedures that are bloodless.

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Of course, if a Witness is transfused against their will, this is not regarded as a sin on the part of the individual. I am aware that the planned and needed procedure thus has a higher risk due to bleeding complications. Only flesh with its soul-its blood-you must not eat Genesis 9: Jehovah's Witness Hospital Liaison Committees maintain lists of doctors who are prepared to be consulted with a view to treatment without the use of blood transfusion.

But the actual change was just that the Church would not take disciplinary action against that Witness.

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If you carefully keep yourselves from these things, you will prosper. An example of one such command that they cite is in the scripture in Acts Cell-free blood products, containing haemoglobin but not red blood cells have recently become available and may be acceptable for some Jehovah's Witnesses.

According to their interpretation of the Bible, His will for the Earth includes a resurrection of the dead based on Acts December 25 actually correlates to a celebration of the infant god of light by the Cult of Mithras. The main argument of the Witnesses is that the far majority of these holidays—as well as birthdays—have pagan origins, or roots that are not Bible-based or based in Christian teachings.

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They base their organization around the structure and doctrines of the first-century Christian congregation, a group that also rejected many similar customs. They refer to this time as the re-creation, the paradise, or the new system of things. Because of this, Witness schoolchildren were humiliated, beaten, or expelled for their refusal to sing political songs and do the notorious salute.

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Unlike other persecuted groups, it is of note that the Witnesses were the only group that were offered the chance to renounce their beliefs and be set free—a choice that the great majority declined. Although Jehovah's Witnesses cannot accept blood, they are open to other medical procedures. Of course, many other medical experts will share contrary views.

There have been cases where doctors have gone to court to get permission to give blood to children against the wishes of parents who are Jehovah's Witnesses. To support this belief, they refer to the model prayer recorded in Matthew, where Christ prayed for God to carry out His will for Earth as He wills for heaven.

George Rumtic is an up-and-coming author who has written poems, screenplays, magazine articles, scripts for videos, and a comedy-adventure novel for kids.

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Witnesses should shun the teachings or customs of false religion Witnesses should not celebrate birthdays Witnesses should not be afraid of the dead Drunkenness Witnesses should avoid forms of entertainment that could soil their minds They should fill their minds with clean thoughts by studying God's Word Jehovah's Witnesses accept that divorce is sometimes unavoidable, jehovah witness view on gambling except in the case of adultery, remarriage is not permitted.

Should a patient, on religious grounds or otherwise, have the right to more expensive treatment than others? Can a patient demand a partial treatment that the doctor considers futile and could even cause them harm? They also used their hope for the future that they gathered from the Bible to spread their beliefs across the US.

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Some people wrongly interpreted the change as meaning that Witnesses could now accept blood. Currently, there are almost eight million active members worldwide in overcongregations. Their official website keeps statistics on their position and growth and regularly updates them.

If the Witness later changes their mind and repents of their action they can return to the Church.