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Repair of containers dry low norms IICL. It occupies an Area of 21 hectares. The theoretic maximum capacity is 1, TEUs, and the maximun occupied capacity rise up The direct line that unites these two buoys constitutes the denominated kilometer zero, starting from which the distances of the different umfolozi casino events and routes of the River of the Silver are counted.

The frequency of the services varies according to the routes but on the average they can be counted costume slot wildstar 25 and 30 ships with weekly scales in Buenos Aires.

It possesses forty connections for containers reefer. Through their jetties and private Terminals a superior volume circulates to the A part of the building located in the Seventh Section is occupied by the Service of Control of Mishaps and fire and for the Service of Salvage and Diving of the Naval Prefecture Argentina the one that has the motobombas and other necessary elements there the possible catastrophes that can take place in the port to combat.

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That of North Basin 6a, he has meters, the same depth and it is dedicated to the same end. Road access The port of Buenos Aires is connected with the national road system and it is the centre of the road network that links all the commercial centres and cities within the country.

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Repairs of emergencies inside the country. Soon after they have been created it six port terminals.

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North Basin In the entrance to the North Basin is two buoys constituted by square frames of iron, of 3 meters high each a, colored of black and with white light to gleams that of the north.

It has an area of On him they are two dry dikes.


The jetty west of the South Basin is dedicated to the ships that complete regular service to the port of Montevideo. The area covered by the five general cargo terminals is about 92 hectares, with 5,meter docks and 23 mooring places for ships more than meters long. The depth at the dock's foot and channel is 9. This terminal is specialized in the deposit and treatment of empty containers.

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One enters to the South Basin going by the South before ports. Separated from this for the entrance mouth to North Basin is the south part of the side east, a part of which is occupied by the building of the Yacht Argentinean Club.

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The shops also occupy the north part of the side east, the one that one knows as 4ta. On him there are 11 posts of it robs those that bring closer their stern to discharge the snub areneras. The south of the country is connected by lanes 1,2 and 3. Inside this volume it corresponded for the load general 3.

She has a long of 1. This terminal at the moment is inactive. The import was of 1. Roadstead The North before port measures m. The south side of the North Basin is constituted by a jetty interrupted by the passage channel that unites to this Basin with the dike 4.

A third deposit is located in Park Patricios and it has South Africa and Orient. It has mts. The jetty located in front of the entrance, that is to say the one that forms their side West begins meters long and that of the northIt also has a grain terminal with a capacity ofmetric tons, that has also been privatized.

The traffic and the frequencies are carried out for the four traditional routes: Continuous then another jetty in which the Casino floating Star of the Fortune whose entrance is made by the Avenue Brazil is, also counting, with a wide place for parking of vehicles. The Port of Buenos Aires was divided in three autonomous port administrations: The jetty located on the side of the city is a piedraplen.

The width of the basin is of meters. The overseas basins are separated by espigones and they are protected by a jetty in address degrees during the first 1.

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The opposed riverside that is to say the one that is beside the river measures 1. That entrance has m. National lanes 5 and 7 are connected with the West, Center and North of the country with lanes 8 and 9. Control of containers reefer on board the ships. Their head is formed by two jetties, one of 82,65 meters and the other of ,90 that form an angle to each other. The jetty of the North Basin 1 have a long of meters and a depth 24 feet being dedicated to general load and containers.

To this part of the North Basin he knows it to him as section 5ta. In her they rob the ships of the Marina of War, frigate Libertad, ships school that visit the port of Buenos Aires etc.