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Blackjack table felt layout, blackjack felt: casino | ebay

This will be immediately in front of the dealer.

Seti Blackjack Table

Drive 2 wood screws through the bottom side of the bottom semi-circle upwards into each spacer. To place this bet, set your chips on the line that separates any two numbers.

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If you want to get fancy, you could install small drawers in there! To place a 19 to 36 bet, set your chips in the 19 to 36 squre of the table.

Blackjack Felt

You now have a standing table. To place a 1 to 18 bet, set your chips in the 1 to 18 square of the table.

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Use your own creativity here. I found the best way is to lightly draw the circles in pencil on the felt and just carefully paint them by hand using an artist's brush.

This will enable you to fold the felt down into the hole. On the top piece, divide the semicircle into 6 equal pie slices, each of 30 degrees or, For moveable cupholders, just assume the PVC fittings are 4 inches tall. If that fails, go buy one! I think the fewer paintings the better unless you're a very good artist. Make sure to leave room for the players' own stacks of chips! Once they're lined up, write "TOP" in marker on the top of each of the two sheets so you keep them oriented together.

Carefully drill out circular grooves in your block of wood that will perfectly hold a stack of chips It's easiest to drill the grooves all the way through the block of wood and then screw a flat "end piece" onto one end so that the chips don't fall out of the groove. Don't worry about the cupholder holes.

Staple it to the bottom of the table. You can see mine in the above pictures. For the cupholders, do NOT completely cut out the felt over those holes. Shove the painted PVC blackjack table felt layout down into the holes. You should end with 7 legs. Mount the back piece to the table now. Use the same method for the chip rack hole.

Casino Table Felt

Different types of outside bets: If you have the block of wood for a chip holder, mark off a rectangle in the middle of the flat side to perfectly hold this block. Measure the diameter of the chips you'll be using. I also recommend painting this piece before you attach it to the table, and definitely don't attach it until the carpet padding and felt are installed!

I think it was a horizontally-mounted drill press.

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Do you need to sand down any legs to make them the right length? One gap per betting position makes sense.


Line the two semicircles on top of each other. Instead, punch a small hole over the center of each hole and cut several slits extending from that small hole outward to the edge of the cupholder hole. To place this bet, set your chips on the outside line so that it covers to adjoining rows.

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Make sure that it doesn't stick up directly in front of the dealer's position, however. If you need, sand down the spacers so they're all flat-topped and exactly the same height. To place an even or odd bet, set your chips on the even or odd squares on the table.

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Stain the table legs I initially used three small pieces of scrap wood to make a small discard holder, but eventually bought a nicer discard holder online. Also be warned that paint bleeds through felt and it's hard to get good clean edges!

Also, if you cut some well-placed holes, you can use the "dead" space in the table as storage for money, chips, cards, etc. Keep moving slowly and carefully around the table.

Carefully lay the padding onto the table. If possible, put small spacers under the front to keep it tilted toward the dealer or else the chips won't stand up!