W7 In The City Natural Nudes Eye Shadow Palette – Review

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For the price, the eyeshadows are good quality and I urge you to try for yourself. I only kept the brush because I like to keep my makeup sets complete. I personally think Dust is a little chunky anyway but the dupe in In The Nude is much more so. On the Rocks eyeshadow shades swatched in natural light On the Rocks eyeshadow shades swatched in natural light As you can imagine, I was keen to get this on my eyes as soon as possible.

Sam Bugeja W7 in the buff palette review Morning everyone!

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Honestly I don't use it whatsoever, I personally hate it. They will get a bit muddy after 5 or so hours but they're definitely more long wearing than other drugstore brands I've tried.

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It has a foam applicator on one end and the other has some type of cheapie packing brush. The packaging will stand up to a fair bit of wear and tear. There is a double ended brush inside also a dupe from the original palette w7 casino palette review is actually pretty decent — it has a fluffy end and a smudger end.

W7 have released this little gem and let me tell you, they definitely HAVE got it right. It was super pigmented but crumbly and difficult to blend. Unfortunately the lid came off mine the first day I had it, but was easily reattached and I've kept it in my handbag for quite a while and it hasn't broken again.

All the shades are very blendable and quite pigmented for the price. The colours Moscato and Body Shot made beautiful transition and crease shades.

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They're extremely comparable palettes and if you're on a budget or just looking to save money, I'd definitely recommend the In The Nude palette. I have recently used Sand more than Sin, it is more obvious in the inner corners of my eyes. Each one is named and there is a mirror inside the lid.

Not as sturdy as the Naked 3 and doesn't have a mirror, but for the price it's not a big deal whatsoever.


There are three shimmer shades and 11 mattes. Shades like Angel a dupe of Dust are quite chunky. A wonderful palette for the price and if you're looking at buying the Naked 3 but don't like the price, I'd definitely recommend buying this palette instead.

The website does not provide a price for the palette and online it varied quite a lot. The mattes are long wearing, although I did find that Sugar Rim started to fade and wear off by the end of the day. I'd suggest using the good old napkin trick under casino house rentals eye, otherwise you'll end up with quite a bit of fallout.

Apparently they stock in Savers, T K Max, selected Next stores and various other shops see the full list here. Having said that, the eyeshadows look high quality and there is a nice selection of browns and nudes.

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Even though there is quite a lot of fall out, it has good staying power and lasts most of the day without a top up. Please note, I will always start with the W7 colour. I also love that there are 3 matte eyeshadows, you can never go wrong with a matte shadow.

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The shimmers feel so creamy and are so high impact. Brown I'd like to preface this by saying that I also have the Naked 3, which this is an obvious dupe of, both in packaging and in color.

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I used the pale shimmer called Sugar Rim on the inner part of my eye and was blown away by how pretty this colour is. I used the palette today and contemplated what shades I should use for about ten minutes! Naked 1 dupes As I said above, there are a few dupes similar to the Naked 1 palette.

The palette was super easy to use — very little product is needed and the colours blend beautifully. I feel like this palette would be good for people who are new to makeup or who just want to expand their eyeshadow collection.

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Sand has a more white undertone and less pinky in comparison to Sin Earth is a nice match to Side Car; a medium brown with pink shimmer. The colors are NOT labeled on the inside of the packaging, but rather on the back. The mattes are absolutely beautiful and also very pigmented.

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