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When choosing internet payday loans, we have a quick need for cash in mind. In this case, the number of offers can be a headache. What criteria should be used to send an application to a non-bank company that will offer us the best loan?

Such questions most often arise when the decision to choose payday payday comes. One of the criteria that should most often be taken into account are repayment terms, interest rate and the amount of money we can receive.

Thanks to websites that contain payday comparers, e.g. Billy Bunter /payday-payday/ it is much easier to reach an interesting offer. These rankings promote the best offers that you might want to be interested in.

Loan repayment date

Loan repayment date

The loan repayment date is different in every company. The repayment terms are detailed in the contract the customer signs with the bank. Many companies allow the loan repayment period to be extended.

However, very often such an operation is associated with additional costs borne by the borrower. If the company does not allow the extension of the loan repayment, then in the event of failure to comply with the contract we have signed, we can expect debt enforcement.

Of course, we will also bear the costs of such an operation. And charging them will significantly increase the overall cost of payday pay. That is why it is best to watch over the loan repayment dates so as not to expose yourself to additional costs.

Fast cash interest rate

Fast cash interest rate

The interest rate on non-bank loans is expressed in the APRC indicator. Based on this, the company calculates all additional costs of payday loans.

If we choose this type of financial assistance, we should base the attractiveness of the offer on this indicator. Along with the amendment to the Anti-usury Act, additional costs resulting from reminders, reminders, bank calls, etc. are also added to the APRC factor.

So the APRC is not only responsible only for the cost of borrowing money, but also for additional options. By choosing the lowest interest rate we can be sure of the best offer. On pages containing financial comparison websites , we can check the current interest rate on all available offers.

Based on this information, it is easier for us to choose a favorable offer. Similar lending rules apply when applying for payday installments on an online wallet. However, more information about this offer is in the next article.