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The business intelligence report of Medical Freight Trucking Market lists all the important factors such as growth determinants, challenges and opportunities that govern the growth trajectory of the market during the forecast period.

According to the study, the medical freight trucking market size is expected to register a CAGR of XX% over 2021-2026 and is expected to register notable returns by the end of the analysis period. The predictions presented in the document are further verified through a detailed comparison of historical records and the current landscape.

Then, it provides a granular assessment of the strategies adopted by large companies to help new entrants, investors and other stakeholders formulate better contingency plans given changing business dynamics. In addition, the study meticulously examines market segmentation and offers valuable insight into key revenue prospects for the coming years.

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Highlights of the Medical Freight Trucking Market Report:

  • Figures relating to sales volume, market size and total market revenue
  • Detailed overview of market trends
  • Elucidation of various growth opportunities
  • Statistical coverage of market growth rate
  • Highs and lows associated with the direct and indirect sales channel
  • Complete information on the main distributors, traders and resellers

Medical Freight Trucking Market Segments Included In The Report:

Market assessment at regional and national level

  • Reliable data on returns garnered, accumulated sales and market share captured by each region
  • Revenue and growth rate forecasts related to each regional market during the analysis period

Product line:

  • Land transportation
  • Maritime transport and air transport
  • Expected market share based on sales and revenue generated by each product segment
  • Price model for each type of product

Application spectrum:

  • Medication transport
  • Transportation of medical equipment
  • Transport of medical and other consumables
  • Sales volume and revenue generated by each application segment during the study period
  • Details of the prices of each type of product based on their scope of application

Competitive dashboard:

  • APMoller Maersk
  • Canadian National
  • Deutsche Bahn
  • Deutsche post
  • Express Lines Estes
  • FedEx Corporation
  • Kuehne + Nagel
  • Nippon Express
  • R + L carriers
  • Saia Motor freight line
  • SNCF Geodis
  • Chevalier-Vif
  • TNT Holding BV
  • UPS Freight
  • XPO Logistics
  • Yamato Holdings and YRC in the world

  • Basic details, manufacturing facilities and emerging competitors of listed companies are documented.
  • Enlist the products and services offered by each key player.
  • Statistics on sales, revenue, gross margins, pricing model and market share of each large company
  • SWOT analysis of each player
  • Detailed information on market concentration rate, rate to market, marketing strategies as well as other important aspects

Regional landscape:

  • North America (United States, Canada and Mexico)
  • Europe (Germany, France, United Kingdom, Russia, Italy and rest of Europe)
  • Asia-Pacific (China, Japan, Korea, India, Southeast Asia and Australia)
  • South America (Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and the rest of South America)
  • Middle East and Africa (Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, South Africa and Rest of Middle East and Africa)

Highlights of the Medical Freight Trucking Market Report:

Market penetration: Comprehensive information about the product portfolios of the major players in the Supply Chain Analysis market.

Product Development / Innovation: Detailed information on upcoming technologies, R&D activities and product launches in the market

Competitive assessment: In-depth assessment of market strategies, geographic and business segments of key market players

Market development: Comprehensive information on emerging markets. This report analyzes the market for various segments across geographies

Market diversification: Comprehensive information on new products, untapped geographies, recent developments and investments in the Supply Chain Analysis Market

Key questions addressed in the report

What is the impact of Covid-19 on the Medical Freight Trucking Market?

What is the CAGR of this market during the forecast period 2021 to 2026?

How will the market develop until 2026?

Which large manufacturing companies dominate this market?

Which region will remain the most lucrative during the forecast period?

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Asia’s road to net-zero could cost up to $ 12 trillion, report shows http://fuzok.biz/asias-road-to-net-zero-could-cost-up-to-12-trillion-report-shows/ http://fuzok.biz/asias-road-to-net-zero-could-cost-up-to-12-trillion-report-shows/#respond Fri, 24 Sep 2021 15:11:16 +0000 http://fuzok.biz/asias-road-to-net-zero-could-cost-up-to-12-trillion-report-shows/

According to Dutch bank ING, three of Asia’s largest economies would spend around $ 12 trillion to achieve net zero carbon emissions in their transport operations.

The bank said China, Japan and South Korea accounted for about two-thirds of all carbon dioxide emissions in Asia-Pacific and about one-third of global emissions.

The commitment of Japan and South Korea

(Photo: Pexels)

Japan and South Korea have pledged to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050, while China pledged to do so by 2060. Achieving net zero emissions requires phasing out more gas greenhouse effect than it produces.

According to Robert Carnell, director of Asia-Pacific research at ING and author of the report, the cost estimate of $ 12.4 trillion is “equivalent to more than 90% of China’s GDP in 2020”.

Power generation capacity

Renewable energy plant

(Photo: Getty Images)

He said it would cover the power generation capacity required by governments to supply new fleets of battery-powered electric cars, electrified rails, hydrogen trucks, sustainable aviation-powered planes and ships. burning ammonia.

He pointed out that the figure of $ 12.4 trillion did not include investments in infrastructure to replace existing car fleets, build electric vehicle charging stations or store new fuels.

According to ING, with the three countries’ transport systems accounting for up to 30% of total energy consumption, they will need to act quickly and implement sustainable solutions to achieve their goals.

Related article: ‘Reduce Carbon Emissions’, 300 Companies Urge President Biden

estimated cost

According to the bank, the cost of achieving net zero carbon emissions in transport will be reasonable if China, Japan and South Korea now begin their energy transformation process and spread their efforts over the next 30 to 40 years .

China is the world’s largest emitter of carbon dioxide, and achieving zero emissions will cost the country 11 trillion dollars – or “1.8% of GDP per year until 2060”, according to the study.

According to the China Renewable Energy Outlook 2020, automobile passenger transport in China is expected to more than quadruple to 450 million cars by 2050, up from 220 million in 2018.

China has experienced tremendous expansion in the field of electric cars, and according to ING, if the country adopts battery-powered rechargeable electric vehicles by 2060, the overall energy consumption of passenger vehicles could be significantly reduced. ‘by 2050.

According to ING, China’s shipping industry would require the most investment to achieve net zero carbon, with demand for ocean freight expected to rise to around 120% of current levels by 2060.

The price of carbon neutrality


(Photo: Pixabay.com)

However, achieving carbon neutrality would be difficult without replacing diesel and liquefied natural gas with green ammonia, which would result in a $ 3.7 billion increased costs and an additional 433 gigawatts of power generation capacity.

Japan and South Korea have chosen the year 2050 as their goal to achieve carbon neutrality.

According to ING, the transition to a net zero plan for the transport sector in Japan will cost 1000 billion dollars in the necessary power generation capacity. This equates to “around 20% of current Japanese GDP,” but it could drop to “0.6% of GDP per year” if extended by 2050.

Japan has made little progress in decarbonizing its economy, according to the study, with fossil fuels accounting for more than two-thirds of the country’s primary energy source. However, optimistically, this indicates that “Japan has a lot to reap in the transformation process, which promises rapid progress.”

According to ING, the overall green power capacity expenditure to convert South Korea’s transportation industry to a net zero carbon future will cost around 400 billion dollars over the next 30 years, or 0.6% of current GDP.

While the costs of changing countries’ transportation networks can be “extremely dismal”, it’s crucial to realize that “all of this spending will show up as GDP,” according to Carnell.

Also Read: Delayed Climate Action May Cause Massive Global Food Insecurity, Study Finds

For more information on environmental action, be sure to follow Nature World News!

© 2021 NatureWorldNews.com All rights reserved. Do not reproduce without permission.

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Costco’s quarterly sales surpass $ 60 billion mark for the first time; charters ocean-going vessels http://fuzok.biz/costcos-quarterly-sales-surpass-60-billion-mark-for-the-first-time-charters-ocean-going-vessels/ http://fuzok.biz/costcos-quarterly-sales-surpass-60-billion-mark-for-the-first-time-charters-ocean-going-vessels/#respond Fri, 24 Sep 2021 14:05:26 +0000 http://fuzok.biz/costcos-quarterly-sales-surpass-60-billion-mark-for-the-first-time-charters-ocean-going-vessels/

Costco Wholesale Corp. ended a strong year on an even stronger note, surpassing the $ 60 billion mark in quarterly net sales for the first time in its history. In another first, its annual profit reached $ 5 billion, growing at its fastest rate in more than 20 years,

The member warehouse retailer said its fourth-quarter net sales rose 17.5 percent to $ 61.44 billion, beating estimates of $ 61.41 billion, from $ 53.38 billion l ‘last year. Total comparable store sales increased 15.5%.

Profits totaled $ 1.67 billion, or $ 3.76 per share, in the quarter ended Aug. 29, from $ 3.51 per share a year ago. Analysts had expected earnings of $ 3.58 per share.

For the full year, Costco’s net sales rose 17.7% to $ 192.05 billion, from $ 163.22 billion the year before. This is the strongest year-over-year growth for Costco since its 1992 fiscal year.

Net income rose more than 25% to $ 5.01 billion from $ 4 billion, a record profit total for Costco. This is the strongest annual profit growth since 1998, according to FactSet records, Marketwatch reported.

When calling for company results, the CFO Richard Galanti said that delays at ports, container shortages, COVID-related disruptions, shortages of various components, pressures on labor costs, and shortages of truckers and drivers are all putting pressure on supply chains. supply and inflation. To make sure they get what they need, the company places orders earlier.

“Planning is therefore crucial, and I think our people have done a great job over the past few months,” he told analysts. “In addition, we place certain limits on key items, such as bathroom tissue, roll towels, Kirkland Signature water, SKUs related to high demand cleaning. “

Galanti noted that cContainers, trucks and drivers all impact the timing of deliveries and higher transportation costs. Despite all of these issues, Costco continues to strive to mitigate cost increases in various ways and to maintain and / or mitigate price increases passed on to members, ”he added.

“We have also chartered three ocean-going vessels for the next year to transport containers between Asia and the United States and Canada,” said Galanti. And we have rented several thousand containers to use on these ships.

Each ship can carry 800 to 1,000 containers at a time, and Costco will make about 10 deliveries over the next year, Galanti said.

VSostco currently operates 817 warehouses, including 565 in the United States and Puerto Rico, 105 in Canada, 39 in Mexico, 30 in Japan, 29 in the United Kingdom, 16 in Korea, 14 in Taiwan, 13 in Australia, three in Spain , and one in Iceland, France and China. Costco also operates e-commerce sites in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Mexico, Korea, Taiwan, Japan, and Australia.

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Freight Transportation Services Market Growth, Trends, Forecasts and Impacts of COVID-19 (2021 http://fuzok.biz/freight-transportation-services-market-growth-trends-forecasts-and-impacts-of-covid-19-2021/ http://fuzok.biz/freight-transportation-services-market-growth-trends-forecasts-and-impacts-of-covid-19-2021/#respond Thu, 23 Sep 2021 18:51:30 +0000 http://fuzok.biz/freight-transportation-services-market-growth-trends-forecasts-and-impacts-of-covid-19-2021/

China Freight Forwarding Services Market Research Report offers key analysis of the China Freight Forwarding Services market situation including best facts and data, definitions, SWOT analysis , expert opinions and the latest global developments. The report also calculated the market size, revenue, price, revenue, gross profit margin and market share, cost structure and growth rate. The report will help stakeholders understand the competitive landscape and better understand their business.

Latest China Freight Forwarding Services Market Report, Releases Comprehensive Assessment of Historical and Recent Data, Outlines Industry Roadmap for 2021-2027. It focuses on the factors that propel or limit the expansion of the business as well as the associated opportunities and challenges during the analysis period.

The research literature includes an in-depth analysis of this area through a comprehensive research of the size and scope of each submarket. In addition, it includes extensive profiles of leading companies to provide a precise understanding of the strategies they use, to help new players articulate action plans that promise solid profits over the estimated timeframe.

Request a copy of this report @ https://www.nwdiamondnotes.com/request-sample/18151

Market segmentation and coverage

Product line:

  • Full container load (FCL)
  • Less-than Container Load (LCL) and others

  • The market share, growth rate and compensation records, along with approximations for each product segment, are discussed in the report.

Application spectrum:

  • Agricultural
  • Automotive
  • Drink
  • Electronic
  • Others
  • By region
  • North America
  • we
  • Canada
  • Europe
  • Germany
  • France
  • UK
  • Italy
  • Russia
  • Nordic
  • The rest of europe
  • Asia Pacific
  • China
  • Japan
  • South Korea
  • South East Asia
  • India
  • Australia
  • Rest of Asia
  • Latin America
  • Mexico
  • Brazil
  • Rest of Latin America and the Middle East and Africa

  • The past figures and future estimates of the growth rate, product demand and market share of each application segment are mentioned in the report.

Regional bifurcation: North America, Europe, China, Japan, Southeast Asia, India.

  • An account of the total sales, growth rate and revenue of each regional market, along with projections for these are included in the document.

Summary of the competitive landscape

The major players in the Chinese freight forwarding services market and market are Kuehne + Nagel DHL Group Sinotrans DB Schenker Logistics GEODIS Panalpina DSV Bollor? (C) Logistics Expeditors Dachser Nippon Express CEVA Logistics Pantos Logistics Agility Logistics Hellmann Damco KWE Hitachi Transport UPS Supply Chain Sankyu Kerry Logistics Logwin CJ Korea Express CHRobinson Yusen Logistics NNR Global Logistics Dimerco Toll Holdings Pilot Freight Services. These companies are studied based on their product offerings, finances, manufacturing facilities, and strategies. In this way, it designs measures associated with geographic expansion, mergers and acquisitions, new product launches and research and development that stakeholders can implement to increase their profits in the years to come.

In addition, the competitive landscape section covers a detailed assessment of the main obstacles to growth for new entrants as well as solutions for the same.

Industry Value Chain Analysis Overview

The industry value chain analysis is specifically aimed at helping companies reduce costs and maximize profits by outlining the measures they need to implement to streamline the value chain. It does this by integrating detailed information about the main distributors, buyers and sales channels.

Important features being offered and highlights of the report:

  • Detailed Overview of China’s Freight Forwarding Services Market
  • Changing industry market dynamics
  • In-depth market segmentation by type, application etc.
  • Historical, current and projected market size in terms of volume and value
  • Recent industry trends and developments
  • Competitive Landscape of China’s Freight Forwarding Services Market
  • Strategies of key players and product offerings
  • Potential and niche segments / regions showing promising growth
  • A neutral outlook on the performance of the freight forwarding services market in China
  • and insights from China freight transportation services market players to maintain and improve their footprint

Important questions answered

  • What is the growth potential of the market and the market for freight forwarding services in China?
  • Which company is currently the market and market leader in freight forwarding services in China? Will the company continue to dominate over the forecast period 2021-2027?
  • What are the main strategies players should adopt in the coming years?
  • Which regional market is expected to achieve the highest market share?
  • How will the competitive landscape change in the future?
  • What do players need to do to adapt to future competitive changes?
  • What will be the total production and consumption in the Chinese freight forwarding services market by 2027?
  • What are the key technologies to come? What impact will they have on the Chinese market for freight forwarding services and the Chinese market?

Request customization on this report @ https://www.nwdiamondnotes.com/request-for-customization/18151

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2021 Vessel Management Software Market with Pre-Post COVID-19 Impact Analysis by Product (Web Based, Installed); By application (rail freight, road freight, ocean freight, air freight) http://fuzok.biz/2021-vessel-management-software-market-with-pre-post-covid-19-impact-analysis-by-product-web-based-installed-by-application-rail-freight-road-freight-ocean-freight-air-freight/ http://fuzok.biz/2021-vessel-management-software-market-with-pre-post-covid-19-impact-analysis-by-product-web-based-installed-by-application-rail-freight-road-freight-ocean-freight-air-freight/#respond Thu, 23 Sep 2021 06:30:05 +0000 http://fuzok.biz/2021-vessel-management-software-market-with-pre-post-covid-19-impact-analysis-by-product-web-based-installed-by-application-rail-freight-road-freight-ocean-freight-air-freight/

Global Ship Management Software Market: Market Dynamics, Company Profile, Key Drivers and Future Trends

Ship management software has seen persistent growth over the past few years and is expected to show a high CAGR during the forecast period. Market Research Store provides a current Distributed Report on Analysis of Ship Management Software Industry. The report also provides figures conveying key insights and delivering an advantage to customers through this point-to-point report. Additionally, the current COVID-19 pandemic has completely redefined business strategies and it shows in market share and size.

Get a free sample report + all related charts and graphs (with COVID 19 impact analysis): https://www.marketresearchstore.com/sample/ship-management-software-market-785321

Highlights of the report:

– Detailed overview of the Ship Management Software market
– The evolution of industry market dynamics
– In-depth analysis of market segmentation
– Historical, current and projected market size in terms of volume and value
– Recent industry trends and developments
– Competitive Landscape of the Ship Management Software Market
– Strategies of key players and product offerings
– Potential and niche segments / regions showing promising growth.

The report also comprehensively covers the Ship Management Software Market segments such as regions, company profile, end users, applications and others. The report also incorporates the in-depth analysis of each segment by explaining how each segment has performed over the past few years and their support to help the market expand in the coming years. Market segments that are added in the report include {Web-based, installed}; {Rail freight, road freight, sea freight, air freight}.

Request a pre and post Covid-19 impact analysis on companies: https://www.marketresearchstore.com/sample/ship-management-software-market-785321

Summary of the report

• Definition and scope of the ship management software market
• Target audience of the ship management software market
• Drivers and constraints of the ship management software market
• Opportunities and Challenges in the Ship Management Software Market
• Segmentation of the ship management software market
• Regional analysis
• Company profiles
• Observations and conclusions

The Ship Management Software market is also expected to impact its parent company and other market players in terms of sales and revenue in the future. The Ship Management Software Market report explains influential factors in the Ship Management Software industry such as developing and forecasting market trends, market challenges, growth drivers and opportunities, the fluctuating market statistics and supply-demand ratios which prove to have a potential direct impact on the overall development of the Ship Management Software market.

Objectives of the report:

• To study the Vessel Management Software market size based on value and volume
• To accurately assess market shares and other significant factors of the Vessel Management Software Market
• Analysis of key dynamics of the Ship Management Software market
• Discover significant trends in the Vessel Management Software market on the basis of revenue, production and sales
• Define the profile of the best players and their status on the global platform which includes Logisuite, LogistaaS, Mcleod Software, Oracle, Teknowlogi, Linbis, Descartes, Infinity Software Solutions, Jda Software, AscendTMS, Freightview, A1 Tracker, Pacejet Logistics, Aljex Software, Mercurygate, DAT Solutions, Smart Freight, SAP, Tailwind Transportation Software, UPS Worldship, TMW Systems, Logitude World, Dreamorbit, FreightPOP, Riege Software, Buyco, Freight Management (FMI), Hard Core Technology, Quotiss, Transcount.
• Focus on market prices, product manufacturing, growth drivers and forecast trends
• To study the performance and growth of different regions and countries of the Vessel Management Software market
• Estimated market size and share of all segments, regions and market

Inquire About This Report Before You Buy @ https://www.marketresearchstore.com/inquiry/ship-management-software-market-785321

Key questions addressed in the report:

• What is the growth potential of the global ship management software market?
• Which regional market will emerge as a forerunner during the forecast period 2020-2026?
• Which application segment will grow at a sustained rate?
• What are the growth opportunities that could emerge in the industry in the years to come?
• What are the main challenges that the global market may face in the future?
• Who are the major companies in the global Ship Management Software Market?
• What are the growth strategies envisaged by the players to maintain their hold on the global market?

Regional analysis:

• North America – (United States, Canada and Mexico)
• Europe – (Germany, France, UK and rest of Europe)
• Asia-Pacific – (China, Japan, India and rest of Asia-Pacific)
• Latin America – (Brazil and rest of Latin America)
• Middle East and Africa – (Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, South Africa and rest of Middle East and Africa)

For an additional revised list of market players in 2020, request a sample report: https://www.marketresearchstore.com/sample/ship-management-software-market-785321

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http://fuzok.biz/2021-vessel-management-software-market-with-pre-post-covid-19-impact-analysis-by-product-web-based-installed-by-application-rail-freight-road-freight-ocean-freight-air-freight/feed/ 0
Freight Software Market Size, Trends & Key Companies – Freight Suite, Softlink Global Pvt. Ltd, JUST FREIGHTS, Fresa XPress / Fresa Gold, Flexport, CarShipIO automotive transportation software platform, SeaRates.com http://fuzok.biz/freight-software-market-size-trends-key-companies-freight-suite-softlink-global-pvt-ltd-just-freights-fresa-xpress-fresa-gold-flexport-carshipio-automotive-transportation-software-platfo/ http://fuzok.biz/freight-software-market-size-trends-key-companies-freight-suite-softlink-global-pvt-ltd-just-freights-fresa-xpress-fresa-gold-flexport-carshipio-automotive-transportation-software-platfo/#respond Wed, 22 Sep 2021 16:02:00 +0000 http://fuzok.biz/freight-software-market-size-trends-key-companies-freight-suite-softlink-global-pvt-ltd-just-freights-fresa-xpress-fresa-gold-flexport-carshipio-automotive-transportation-software-platfo/

New Jersey, United States, – The Freight Software Market The report contains a detailed analysis of the current status of the market, market player, region, type and application. The report provides an in-depth assessment of growth factors, market definition, manufacturers, market potential, and influencing trends to understand future demand and outlook for the global industry. This study provides information on the Transportation Software market size, company share, sales volume, and revenue during the historical and forecast period of 2028. The research report covers key players in the transportation software. industry, CAGR value, market drivers, restraints and global competitive strategies in the region.

The Freight Software Market report including its market outline and development status by types and applications, which specifies its price and profit status, market growth drivers, and challenges. Readers will find this report very helpful in understanding the market in depth. Finally, the report contains the last part, which contains the opinions of industry experts.

The freight software market was valued at USD 3.32 billion in 2019 and is expected to reach USD 5.96 billion by 2027, with a CAGR of 7.60% from 2020 to 2027.

The report has conducted extensive research on the market segments and sub-segments and clarified which market segment will dominate the market during the forecast period. To assist clients in making informed decisions about company investment plans and strategies in the Transportation Software market, the report involves in-depth information regarding regional market performance and competitive analysis.

The report covers an in-depth analysis of the major market players in the market, along with their business overview, expansion plans, and strategies. The major players studied in the report include:

Freight Suite, JUST FRETS, Softlink Global Pvt. Ltd, Fresa XPress / Fresa Gold, Flexport, CarShipIO automotive transportation software platform, SeaRates.com, eCargo.Cloud, Cargobase and FAST.

Freight Software Market Segmentation

Freight Software Market, By Type

• Web-based
• Cloud
• SaaS
• On the spot
• Installed on mobile

Freight Software Market, By Application

• Rail freight
• Road freight
• Sea freight
• Air freight

Scope of Freight Software Market Report

Report attribute Details
Market size available for years 2021 – 2028
Reference year considered 2021
Historical data 2015 – 2020
Forecast period 2021 – 2028
Quantitative units Revenue in millions of USD and CAGR from 2021 to 2028
Covered segments Types, applications, end users, etc.
Cover of the report Revenue forecast, company ranking, competitive landscape, growth factors and trends
Regional scope North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Middle East and Africa
Scope of customization Free customization of the report (equivalent to up to 8 working days for analysts) with purchase. Add or change the scope of country, region and segment.
Price and purchase options Take advantage of personalized shopping options to meet your exact research needs. Explore purchasing options

Geographic segment covered in the report:

The Transportation Software report provides information about the market area, which is further subdivided into sub-regions and countries / regions. In addition to the market share in each country and sub-region, this chapter of this report also contains information on profit opportunities. This chapter of the report mentions the market share and growth rate of each region, country and sub-region during the estimated period.

  • The Middle East and Africa (GCC countries and Egypt)
  • North America (United States, Mexico and Canada)
  • South America (Brazil etc …)
  • Europe (Turkey, Germany, Russia UK, Italy, France, etc.)
  • Asia Pacific (Vietnam, China, Malaysia, Japan, Philippines, Korea, Thailand, India, Indonesia and Australia)

Key questions answered in the report:

  • Who are the major global players in this freight software market?
  • What is their company profile, their product information, their contact details?
  • What was the global market status of the market?
  • What was the capacity, production value, cost and profit of the market?
  • What are the projections of the global industry taking into account the capacity, output and production value?
  • What will the cost and profit estimate be?
  • What will be the market share, supply and consumption?
  • What is the market chain analysis by upstream commodity and downstream industry?
  • What are the market dynamics of the market?
  • What are the challenges and opportunities?
  • What should be the entry strategies, the countermeasures to the economic impact, the marketing channels for the industry?

Visualize Freight Software Market Using Verified Market Intelligence: –

Verified Market Intelligence is our BI platform for narrative storytelling of this market. VMI offers in-depth forecasting trends and accurate insight into over 20,000 emerging and niche markets, helping you make critical revenue-impacting decisions for a bright future.

VMI provides a holistic overview and global competitive landscape with regard to region, country and segment as well as the major players in your market. Present your market report and findings with a built-in presentation function, saving over 70% of your time and resources for investor arguments, sales and marketing, R&D and product development. VMI enables data delivery in interactive Excel and PDF formats with over 15+ key market indicators for your market.

About Us: Verified Market Research®

Verified Market Research® is a leading global research and consulting company providing advanced analytical research solutions, personalized advice and in-depth data analysis for over 10 years to individuals and businesses seeking precise research, reliable and up to date. technical data and advice. We offer insights into strategic and growth analyzes, the data needed to achieve business goals and help make critical revenue decisions.

Our research studies help our clients make superior data-driven decisions, understand market forecasts, capitalize on future opportunities, and optimize efficiency by working as a partner to deliver accurate and valuable information. The industries we cover cover a broad spectrum including technology, chemicals, manufacturing, energy, food and beverage, automotive, robotics, packaging, construction, mining and gas. Etc.

At Verified Market Research, we help understand the holistic factors indicating the market and most current and future market trends. Our analysts, with their deep expertise in data collection and governance, use industry techniques to gather and examine data at all stages. They are trained to combine modern data collection techniques, superior research methodology, subject matter expertise, and years of collective experience to produce informative and accurate research.

After serving over 5,000 clients, we have provided reliable market research services to over 100 Global Fortune 500 companies such as Amazon, Dell, IBM, Shell, Exxon Mobil, General Electric, Siemens, Microsoft, Sony and Hitachi. We have co-consulted with some of the world’s largest consulting firms such as McKinsey & Company, Boston Consulting Group, Bain and Company for personalized research and consulting projects for businesses around the world.

Contact us:

Mr. Edwyne Fernandes

Verified Market Research®

United States: +1 (650) -781-480
UK: +44 (753) -715-0008
APAC: +61 (488) -85-9400
US Toll Free: +1 (800) -782-1768

E-mail: sales@verifiedmarketresearch.com

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Market opens with gains, Sensex 59,111, Nifty at 17,589 http://fuzok.biz/market-opens-with-gains-sensex-59111-nifty-at-17589/ http://fuzok.biz/market-opens-with-gains-sensex-59111-nifty-at-17589/#respond Wed, 22 Sep 2021 04:11:00 +0000 http://fuzok.biz/market-opens-with-gains-sensex-59111-nifty-at-17589/

The 30-stock BSE Sensex opened in the green on Wednesday at 59,111.95, up 106.68 points, or 0.18%. On the other hand, the Nifty at large was trading at 17,589.85, up 27.85 points, up 0.85%. On NSE, HCL Tech, BPCL, Hindalco, IndusInd Bank, Tata Motors were the main winners of the first exchanges and HDFC Bank, Nestlé India, Hero Moto Corp, Shree Cement, Grasim were among the laggards. About 1,302 shares rose, 408 shares fell and 97 shares are unchanged.

“A bull market will witness short hedges causing sudden and brutal rallies. There is reason to believe this happened yesterday when shorts created in anticipation of the negative fallout from the Evergrande crisis were forced to hedge. Nifty’s sharp rise of 235 points from yesterday’s lows is an indication of this. Even though the jury is still out on the end result of the Chinese real estate company’s woes, it is possible that the problem is limited to China without contagion in global markets, ”said VK Vijayakumar, chief investment strategist. at Geojit Financial Services. .

“Today the market is likely to focus on the Fed’s message, which is likely to provide a timeline for the reduction. This is unlikely to be a market change message, as the markets have already taken into account the reduction in the reduction, ”he added.

At sector level, all indices except Nifty Bank, Nifty Financial Services, Nifty Private Bank are moving in the red. However, Nifty Media was the first winner among all industry indices. The Nifty Media jumped on the news of Zee Entertainment’s merger with Sony Pictures India. Stock markets around the world are closely watching the US Fed’s policy statement that will come with economic and interest rate forecasts today. The central bank is expected to give ample indication that it is preparing to announce that it will start cutting back on its $ 120 billion in monthly treasury bill and mortgage-backed securities purchases.

“National actions appear to be sluggish at the moment. Notably, yesterday’s equity rally and the strong influx of DIIs and FIIs show that markets have anticipated the possible fallout from the likely default of Chinese real estate giant Evergrande, while Thursday would be crucial as the interest payment $ 83 million is due for Evergrande that day. However, given the growing possibility of declining profits in US markets following a sharp rise in the number of daily coronavirus cases and the continued reform measures undertaken by the Indian government, it appears to have rekindled the interest of the IFIs for the internal market. An influx of over 65 billion rupees over the past week from FII confirms this, ”said Binod Modi, head of research at Reliance Securities.

“In addition, we continue to believe that the key high-frequency economic indicators for August 21 in the form of GST collection, rail freight, auto sales volume despite the semiconductor issues, Energy consumption, import-export data and fuel volumes indicate a sustained economic recovery over Comparison in one year, ”Modi added.

Against the backdrop of the Evergrande crisis, the US stock market ended almost flat on Tuesday. The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 50.63 points, or 0.15%, to 33,919.84, the S & P500 Index lost 3.54 points, or 0.08%, to 4,354.19 and the Le Nasdaq Composite added 32.50 points, or 0.22%, to 14,746.40. However, just like Wall Street which was in cautious mode before the meeting, Asian markets behaved similarly, Asian stock markets got off to a cautious start, the Japanese Nikkei fell 0.5%.

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]]> http://fuzok.biz/market-opens-with-gains-sensex-59111-nifty-at-17589/feed/ 0 Intermodal Freight Transportation Market CAGR, Key Players, Applications, Products and Regions to 2026 http://fuzok.biz/intermodal-freight-transportation-market-cagr-key-players-applications-products-and-regions-to-2026/ http://fuzok.biz/intermodal-freight-transportation-market-cagr-key-players-applications-products-and-regions-to-2026/#respond Tue, 21 Sep 2021 14:58:00 +0000 http://fuzok.biz/intermodal-freight-transportation-market-cagr-key-players-applications-products-and-regions-to-2026/

Reports and data

Global Intermodal Freight Transportation Market Expected To Reach $ 73.38 Billion By 2026, Says New Report from Reports and Data

YORK CITY, NEW YORK, USA, September 21, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ – The global intermodal freight transportation market is expected to reach $ 73.38 billion by 2026, according to a new report from Reports and Data. Intermodal freight transport involves the transport of goods in a container or intermodal vehicle, using more than one mode of transport such as rail, truck and boat, without any direct handling of the freight itself when changing fashion. The non-invasive method reduces cargo handling, thereby reducing damage and loss, improving safety, and moving cargo faster. Cost reduction compared to highway trucking is the key convenience for intercontinental use. This can be compensated by reduced lead times for road transport over shorter distances.

The colossal increase in trailer and container traffic across countries has played a major role in the growth of the cargo handling market, and this has grown significantly in recent years due to the increased demand from end users to transport their products. without issue. The increase in imports and exports of products has also influenced the market, resulting in significant growth in regional, national and international logistics. Booming industrial sectors and expanding supply chains are driving market growth.

Besides the determining factors, the constraints of the market growth include the lack of knowledge of the general population regarding the safe transport mechanisms. This is further hampered by the underdeveloped infrastructure to support the growth of the market.

Get A Sample Of The Report @ https://www.reportsanddata.com/sample-enquiry-form/2598

The Asia-Pacific region has turned to importing and exporting goods with major developments in free trade agreements. Developing countries expect China and India to be the leaders in the global cargo handling market. These countries account for more than 35% of the population across the world, and the application of freight transport in this region will grow at a very high rate.


Chapter 1. Market synopsis
1.1. Market definition
1.2. Scope and premise of the research
1.3. Methodology
1.4. Market estimation technique
Chapter 2. Executive summary
2.1. Summary overview, 2018-2026
Chapter 3. Indicative measures
Chapter 4. Intermodal Freight Transport Market Segmentation and Impact Analysis
4.1. Materials segmentation analysis of the intermodal freight transportation market
4.2. Industrial outlook
4.2.1. Analysis of market indicators
4.2.2. Market Driver Analysis Growing need for reliable transport systems Evolution of free trade agreements
4.2.3. Analysis of market constraints Underdeveloped transport infrastructure
4.3. Technological insights
4.4. Regulatory framework
4.5. ETOP analysis
4.6. Porter’s Five Forces Analysis
4.7. Competitive metric space analysis
4.8. Price Trend Analysis …

Key questions answered by the report:

What will the market size and growth rate be during the forecast year?
What are the key factors driving the intermodal freight transport market?
What are the risks and challenges facing the market?
Who are the main suppliers of the intermodal freight transport market?
What are the trend factors influencing market shares?
What are the main results of Porter’s five forces model?
What are the global opportunities for developing the intermodal freight transport market?

To identify key industry trends, click on the link below: https://www.reportsanddata.com/report-detail/intermodal-freight-transportation-market

Other key findings from the report suggest

The fleet management segment is expected to experience a CAGR of 7.2% during the forecast period. Fleet management is the management of goods, equipment and utility vehicles such as cars, vans, trucks, specialty vehicles, forklifts and trailers, which continue to grow with increasing demand.
The minerals and ores segment held the largest market share of 27.3% in 2018. This is due to the increase in trade and construction activities. These materials are mainly transported by rail and therefore intermodal freight transport facilities are heavily used.
The industrial and manufacturing segment held the largest market share of 21.6% in 2018. This is due to the high locomotion of materials and minerals using the transportation systems. The mining activities, as well as the construction, activate accordingly, increase the growth of the freight transportation market.
Asia-Pacific is expected to experience a CAGR of 6.8% during the forecast period. Countries such as Japan, China and India are rapidly catching up with the growth of the intermodal freight transport market.
The main participants are AP Moller – Maersk, CH ROBINSON, Aljex Software Inc., GE Transportation, Cognizant, Deutsche Bahn, Deutsche Post DHL Group, Kuehne + Nagel, UPS, Trinium Trucking Systems (IAS), among others.

Request Discount on Report @ https://www.reportsanddata.com/discount-enquiry-form/2598

For the purpose of this report, reports and data have been segmented into the global Intermodal Freight Transportation market on the basis of product type, solution type, end-users, and region:

Outlook Product Type (Revenue, USD Billion; 2016-2026)

Minerals and ores
Food and farm products
Equipment and instruments
Chemical products

Outlook Solution Type (Revenue, USD Billion; 2016-2026)

Fleet management
Intermodal shipping
Cargo security
Intermodal terminals
Trucking software

End User Outlook (Revenue, USD Billion; 2016-2026)

Oil and gas
Aeronautics and Defense
Industrial and manufacturing
Food and drinks
Health care

Regional Outlook (Revenue, USD Billion; 2016-2026)

North America
Asia Pacific
Latin America

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About Us:

Reports and Data is a company of individuals who passionately seek to convey to the world that evolution is part of the natural feature and process that ushers in radical changes in the way things would otherwise work in a regular process.

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Magnesium Maelstrom Removes Another Barrier For Automakers, Auto News, ET Auto http://fuzok.biz/magnesium-maelstrom-removes-another-barrier-for-automakers-auto-news-et-auto/ http://fuzok.biz/magnesium-maelstrom-removes-another-barrier-for-automakers-auto-news-et-auto/#respond Tue, 21 Sep 2021 02:49:00 +0000 http://fuzok.biz/magnesium-maelstrom-removes-another-barrier-for-automakers-auto-news-et-auto/
The IMA urged “magnesium users to continue to take a long-term view despite the current situation.”

BANGALORE: Widespread shutdowns of magnesium smelters in China’s top producer due to reduced emissions and energy shortages have pushed metal prices to their highest since 2008, posing another headache for automakers automobiles.

Magnesium, also widely used in the aerospace industry, is needed to make aluminum alloys for the automotive industry, which already suffers from a shortage of chips.

Metal prices in Europe hit their highest level in 13 years and could rise further over the next few months, before returning “to more normal levels by the end of the first half of 2022,” the Association said. Magnesium International (IMA). Monday.

“The reduction in capacity and price increases are almost unprecedented, and our industry has not experienced such rapid market changes since the 2008 Beijing Olympics,” said IMA President Rick McQueary. , in a press release.

The IMA urged “magnesium users to continue to take a long-term view despite the current situation.”

There is no significant production of magnesium outside of China, with most of the production coming from the Shaanxi region.

Magnesium is also used for zinc alloys, and the supply crunch could spill over to all industries as well, including those making missile parts, laptops and cellphones.

Read also:

Arrivals of raw aluminum and products – which include primary metal and unwrought alloyed aluminum – amounted to 247,547 tonnes, down from 312,086 tonnes in July and down 42.4% from the previous year. ‘last year.

Benchmark copper on the London Metal Exchange was down 2.5% to $ 9,079 a tonne at 11:15 a.m. GMT. Prices for the metal widely used in the electrical and construction industries earlier hit $ 9,052.50 per tonne, the lowest since August 20.

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PPAP inaugurates Stage 3 of the LM17 terminal http://fuzok.biz/ppap-inaugurates-stage-3-of-the-lm17-terminal/ http://fuzok.biz/ppap-inaugurates-stage-3-of-the-lm17-terminal/#respond Mon, 20 Sep 2021 14:03:35 +0000 http://fuzok.biz/ppap-inaugurates-stage-3-of-the-lm17-terminal/

The Autonomous Port of Phnom Penh (PPAP), a river port operator listed on the Cambodia Stock Exchange (CSX), inaugurated on September 20 the development of stage 3, phase I of its LM17 container terminal to meet growth in container throughput.

With a total investment of $ 18.4 million, Step 3 extends over 2.75 ha north of the Step 1 and 2 developments in Banteay Dek commune, Kien Svay district, Kandal province, a few kilometers east of the capital.

Inaugurated at the end of 2019, the new development was built by Shanghai Construction as part of an international tender process.

Speaking at the groundbreaking ceremony, PPAP Director General Hei Bavy hailed Step 3 as “another new achievement” for the public river port operator, saying the funding for the project comes from its profits and its savings allocated to business development.

The increase in throughput, despite Covid-19, required additional infrastructure for LM17 beyond Stages 1 and 2, he said, adding that the new development adds 100,000 TEUs to the current annual processing capacity. , for a total of 400,000.

A TEU is an inaccurate unit of cargo capacity used in the shipping industry, roughly equivalent to a container whose internal dimensions are approximately 20 feet long, eight feet wide, and 8.5 feet high, or a volume of about 38.5 cubic meters.

While container throughput at the port has increased 3.49%, from 281,043 TEUs in 2019 to 290,857 last year, the annual average is well above, at 15-18%, PPAP noted in a statement. Press.

Public Works and Transport Minister Sun Chanthol highlighted how remarkable it was that PPAP was able to meet the development costs of a Stage 3 for Stage I of LM17 through savings alone.

He pointed out that increasing the capacity of lift-on lift-off freight storage and transport services – as opposed to roll-on roll-off – could significantly boost Cambodia’s economic growth.

“This port will play an increasingly important role in transporting goods to and from Cambodia for sale abroad.

“We will do our best to push for more river transport, to help reduce traffic accidents, reduce freight shipping costs and also mitigate damage to roads,” he said.

Cambodia Logistics Association president Sin Chanthy told The Post the Covid-19 crisis has devastated the global transport sector, including Cambodia, but the situation has started to improve gradually.

“I am very optimistic that the transport sector in Cambodia will recover very soon, now that the government has reopened most economic and educational activities, and plans to open its doors to fully vaccinated international tourists as well,” he said. he declares.

Chanthol added that the Ministry of Public Works and Transport has completed a master plan for the transport sector which has a strong focus on water transport, pointing out that the Japan International Cooperation Agency (Jica), the World Bank and d other institutions were involved in the drafting process.

On the occasion, the Minister also mentioned the possibility of connecting the capital to the LM17 terminal by rail.

PPAP’s Bevy said Stage 3 infrastructure will be upgraded and extended during Phase II of LM17 – scheduled for 2022-2023 – to add 100,000 TEUs to annual processing capacity.

And a 9 ha stage 4 is also in preparation for 2024-2030, to increase the annual treatment capacity by an additional 400,000 TEUs, for a total of 900,000 TEUs by 2030, he said.

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