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The gloomy atmosphere has spread these days to vast fields of sweet potatoes for export in the communes of Phu Long, Hoa Tan and Tan Phu in Dong Thap province because farmers did not could find buyers.

Falling sweet potato prices in Mekong Delta make farmers cry

For many years there has been a paradox of abundance in agriculture that a bumper crop harvested by farmers brings them less total income. The decrease in income or income of the farmer due to the bumper harvest is due to the fact that with a larger supply the prices of the harvest drop significantly. More often than not, farmers are unable to assess market conditions and anticipate the resumption of falling prices.

Many agricultural products are displayed at reasonable prices in supermarkets and shopping malls in Ho Chi Minh City, while dozens of vegetables and fruits are piled up everywhere in the streets waiting for consumers. In general, farmers across the country mourn bitterly because they are unable to sell the harvested produce in the market; Yet, during this time, their peers feel safe because their products are all being bought.

Nguyen Van Huynh, chairman of Dong Tan Assembly Association in Chau Thanh District moaned before Lunar New Year 2021, the price of Japanese purple sweet potato was bought at VND 1 million per quintal ( 1 quintal = 60 kg) by traders to export to the Chinese market, so the farmers made a big profit. However, after the Tet holidays (the Nee lunar year) so far, the price of potatoes has continuously dropped to 600,000 VND per cwt, then 400,000 VND per cwt.

Worse still, from April 2021, the quintal costs more than 200,000 VND and between 70,000 VND and 90,000 VND these days. At the current price, sweet potato growers have suffered a big loss.

According to Mr. Huynh, farmers in Phu Long commune alone have kept around 20 ha of sweet potatoes; while the crop must be fully harvested within a few weeks to sow the autumn-winter rice. Farmers cultivate about 3,400 ha of sweet potatoes for export and domestic consumption in Chau Thanh district, Dong Thap province. However, the current low potato prices have forced many farmers to live in hardship. Chau Thanh District People’s Committee says sweet potato price has dropped due to Chinese market hardship

In recent days, residents of Cu Yang commune, Ea Kar district, central highland province of Dak Lak, have fallen into despair because traders refused to buy their pumpkins, forcing them to buy their pumpkins. farmers for sale at an agreed rate. Along the main road leading to the town, piles of pumpkins are seen in front of the houses of the inhabitants.

Farmer Pham Thi Luu said her family harvested more than 20 tonnes. Traders refused to buy the vegetable, pressing the price to VND 1,200 per kilogram when it was over VND 3,000 per kilogram last year.

Cu Yang Township People’s Committee Chairman Nguyen Manh Hung said farmers are most affected due to the coronavirus lockdown, unable to harvest and sell the harvested produce in the market. About 2,000 tons of pumpkins were harvested in the town but no buyer wants to buy them. Local authorities are asking for help from businesses, supermarkets and locals to buy the vegetables so that the farmers can make a living.

Elsewhere, farmers in the northern provinces of Bac Giang and Hai Duong feel safe harvesting lychees because the ministry and agricultural sector departments have adopted measures to help them sell the fruits.

Plant Protection Department Director Hoang Trung said the department has asked plant quarantine divisions to closely monitor the actual situation in order to quickly announce changes in the export to China that may affect the plant. clearance. The Department also called for the establishment of a plant quarantine force to inspect exported agricultural products with the aim of reducing congestion at the border gates. In addition, related agencies take into account lychee exports to the United States and Japan.

Thieu litchi cultivated in the Luc Ngan district in the northern province of Bac Giang has obtained a certificate of geographical indication from the Japanese authority offering possibilities of export and consumption of the fruit in world markets

To help farmers, lychees from the northern provinces of Bac Giang and Hai Duong are now officially on sale at one of Vietnam’s main online markets, Lazada, from May 15.

The People’s Committee of Hai Duong Province today coordinated with the Ministry of Industry and Trade and related agencies to organize a virtual conference to connect and promote the consumption of Thanh Ha lychee and typical agricultural products of the Hai Duong province. The virtual conference in relation with national and foreign traders in the United Kingdom, Australia, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Korea, Hong Kong, the United States, Japan, France, Singapore and in China

With bumper crops, farmers are forced to sell the stocks to middlemen for a pittance or let them go to waste. Better market integration, development and maintenance of storage facilities could help to avoid this problem.

By Staff Editors – Translated by Dan Thuy

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