First-ever cargo ship arrives directly at Mongla Port from Japan

A cargo ship carrying a record number of reconditioned cars from Japan has reached Mongla port directly for the first time.
The Malaysian flag carrier MV Malaysia Star carrying 1,280 cars anchored at Pier 6 in the port on Sunday morning August 7.

Previously, ships carrying cars imported from Japan unloaded goods at Chattogram Port and then came to Mongla Port. At that time, a ship usually carried 500-700 imported cars. But, thanks to the Padma Bridge, the cost and distance are reduced, so importers are now importing cars directly to Mongla Port.

Managing Director Md Wahiduzzaman of Ancient Steam Ship, the local shipping agent for MV Malaysia Star, said the vessel was anchored at Mongla Port on Sunday morning. The unloading has already started and should be finished the following day.

Mongla Port Captain Commander Sheikh Fakhar Uddin said, “Earlier, the cargo ship carrying reconditioned cars from Japan first unloaded cargo at Chattogram Port and then came to Mongla Port. At that time, a ship could only hold 500 to 700 cars and arrived at the port of Mongla after unloading goods at Chattogram.

He said: “Now importers are bringing cars directly through Mongla Port as the cost and distance have decreased due to the Padma Bridge.”

Chairman of Mongla Port Authority, Rear Admiral Mohammad Musa said, “Importers and exporters are now showing more interest in Mongla Port as the distance by road to the capital Dhaka has been reduced due to the Padma Bridge”.

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