Inside Australia’s Growing Pirate Electric Car Market

He believes electric cars are crucial for decarbonization not only for their own reduced emissions, but with the right equipment, electric vehicles could recharge during times of low demand and had the potential to sell electricity back to the grid at peak periods.

“One million electric cars would provide the same amount of distributable energy as two coal-fired power plants,” he says.

Along with other importers and Behyad Jafari, director general of the Electric Vehicle Council, he believes the federal government should remove import duties on electric cars and introduce emission standards in line with similar international markets to deter manufacturers. to throw older and dirtier models of cars on the market. Australian market.

Mr Jafari also called on governments to buy electric cars in their fleets to create a healthy second-hand market.

The Good Car Company imports for individual customers, but is also driving the prices of used electric vehicles even lower by making wholesale purchases easier for groups across the country.

In Yackandandah in northeast Victoria, Russell Klose, who once imported cars and parts from an Albury-Wodonga company, came out of retirement with his son Cam and his friend Matt Grogan for the same raison.

They formed Kilowatt Cars and are now waiting for a license to start selling used electric cars at low prices also from Japan.


While waiting for the license, Mr. Klose says he watches the stock price rise with demand. Japan also has only a limited number of electric cars on the road, and the New Zealand government recently started offering electric vehicle buyers a discount, creating increased demand in that country for Japanese scrap.

“It’s the kind of thing people just gave up on the Australian government, so we are doing it for ourselves,” he said.

Mr. Klose says Yackandandah is the perfect market for used small electric vehicles. The city has already adopted a plan to get all of its energy from renewables, and residents usually only need a small runabout in the city, even if they have a larger car for long-distance trips.

According to Broese van Groenou, a used entry-level Leaf will cost around $ 20,000 and will arrive with a range of around 110 kilometers, suitable for most commuting.

Battery life will deteriorate over the following years before the battery needs to be replaced. But even then, if and when Australia adopts similar inverter equipment common in Japan, it could be reused as a powerful home battery.

“It’s like buying a battery with a parked small car,” he says.

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