Japanese pharmaceutical industry opposes US return of vaccine patent

On May 8, Kyodo News reported on the Japanese pharmaceutical industry’s opposition to U.S. support for the temporary revocation of patent rights related to corona virus patents.

The Japanese pharmaceutical industry claims this would increase shortages of vital vaccine components around the world and affect views on vaccine quality.

While the United States has spoken out in favor of the temporary lifting of patents on COVID-19 vaccines, it has been backed by the World Health Organization which has encouraged other countries to follow suit.

While the Japanese government had not yet clearly expressed its position on the issue. The Japanese pharmaceutical industry is against the waiver. She claims that even if a waiver were granted, this does not guarantee that vaccines of equivalent quality to current vaccines would be produced. He fears that some ineffective products may circulate, while the risk of side effects from vaccines would also increase.

In a statement, the association said that “we are deeply concerned that if vaccines are made in an uncontrollable environment, it will intensify the shortage of raw materials as well as further disperse and disrupt supply chains, possibly resulting in a further delay in distribution “.

Meanwhile, in Europe, French President Emmanuel Macron has expressed strong support for the patent waiver. Germany is opposed to it.

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