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SINCE its launch in the Asian and Australian markets last year, the Kawasaki ZX-25R Ninja has been in the spotlight. Bringing older ones back to the foggy days of imported 250cc screamers, the only real problem with the bike is the lack of official imports from the EU and UK.

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Now, however, rumors are starting to surface from Japan that a new motorcycle could be in the works at Kawasaki, in the form of a 400cc inline-four sports bike, based on the howling ZX- 25R.

The whispers claim that the ZX-4R was created by enlarging the bore of the ZX-25R, changing the pistons and crank. These are all pretty straightforward mechanical changes that can be combined with an updated ECU to make the little engine sing like a demonic quartet.

With no official confirmation of the model, this is pure speculation, although there are a number of motorcycle industry commentators in Japan all singing the same tune. No specifications for the model are confirmed, although it is easy to assume that the potential new model will produce more horsepower and torque than the current model.

Could the Kawasaki ZX-4R find its way here?

One of the ZX-25R’s biggest disappointments was the lack of official imports into the UK and Europe, which made the only way to get one on these coasts both expensive and time-consuming – thanks to COVID -19! With its slightly larger displacement and more road-oriented driving dynamics (compared to its little brother), the ZX-4R could be the perfect challenger for motorcycles like the Aprilia RS660, but to be confirmed Yamaha R7. With each of these bikes being available in the UK and European market, could Kawasaki send the ZX-4R as a left-field option to appeal to four-cylinder fans?

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