MoBagel Transforms Medical Logistics with AI Software in Weeks

Santa Clara, Calif., May 15, 2022 –(– MoBagel is a key AI/ML platform vendor (Gartner, 2020/2021), providing solutions with Decanter AI, no-code AI software, to transform medical logistics to combat current supply chain disruptions and market volatilities in weeks.

Under the impact of soaring fuel prices and the ongoing pandemic, medical device manufacturing companies are facing unexpectedly high freight rates, port bottlenecks, container shortages and expensive excessive shipping alternatives (air freight is three times higher). Decanter AI uses automatic time-series forecasting with multivariate modules, deep heterogeneous meta-learning and dynamic time-series forecasting, adapted to a user-friendly no-code interface that anyone can be trained to use in a week, to Quickly build machine learning models for supply, demand, and logistics forecasting.

One of the customers of MoBagel, one of the world’s leading multinational medical technology companies (Fortune 500/ S&P 500) that operates in over 50 countries and manufactures over 50,000 medical items in a year, was looking for a solution that could use data from historical shipments, orders, materials, and external factors to forecast shipping time and cost using AI technology. More importantly, this needed to be done by training existing team members to quickly bring this solution into production. Based on the large and complex data with empirical judgments, this company could not completely solve the problem of global logistics. “We offered our packaged solution of Decanter AI to this client to determine the data pattern on each route, predict the number of shipping containers needed, and estimate the lead time before each shipment,” says Iru Wang, COO and co-founder by MoBagel. After training and implementation, this customer experienced total performance improvement, increased container demand forecasting accuracy from 51% to 81%, improved container loading efficiency by 50% to 75% and boosted inventory management efficiency with an equal value of US$541 million.

Over the next few months of this year, MoBagel will be presenting at several symposia to discuss industry trends and demonstrate Decanter AI, as well as visit potential customers. Contact them to schedule a meeting or access a case study.

About MoBagel
In 2015, MoBagel established its headquarters in Silicon Valley, with a mission to enable data teams and businesses to become AI-driven, and thus the vision of “Think with AI”. No-code AI product, Decanter AI, has helped MoBagel secure key customers including Becton Dickinson, Wistron, AUO, Adventech, Deloitte, and successful cases in the US, Japan, China, and Taiwan. By March 2022, MoBagel had raised $20 million with the latest Series A+ round.

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