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The National Chamber of Exporters submitted a proposal to the Prime Minister with a copy to the Ministry of Public Administration, Interior, Provincial Councils and Local Authorities on the provision of employment opportunities to civil servants in companies in the private sector for a fixed period.

The Chamber said in a statement: From media sources, we have learned that the Ministry of Public Administration has appointed a committee to examine the possibility of granting five years leave to government employees to work in the sector. private.

It stipulates that a committee of seven members has been appointed for this purpose and that the said committee must submit its report to the Council of Ministers within two weeks.

Sri Lankan exporters are offering to absorb public sector employees for employment in the sector to ease the burden of salaries and related costs on the government.

The export sector was able to sustain its business and also reached the pre-pandemic level of an average of $0.01 billion in export earnings during the period January to April 2022. At the dawn of the pandemic, exporters were facing difficulties with a lack of qualified personnel. workers. However, during the pandemic, many exporters have been forced to reduce operations and lay off employees, which has created a vacuum in crucial business areas.

In the current scenario, given the financial burden and seemingly excessive manpower attached to the public sector, NCE member exporters offer the following options to reach a win-win deal for the government and the utilities sector. exports. It should be noted that the labor needs of exporters vary depending on the industry concerned, but in general all categories can be considered.

1. Any government employee holding a permanent patent is eligible to apply for a job in the export sector, excluding the following institutions, as he is involved in law enforcement in the country, which may lead to conflicts of interest.

a) Police Department

b) Department of Inland Revenue

c) Customs Department

d) Excise Department

2. The government grants unpaid leave up to a maximum of 59 months.

3. The employer will offer a “temporary employment contract” to these selected people, which includes:-

a) Duration of the contract of 59 months (because at the end of the 60th month, the employee will be entitled to the gratuity.)

b) Their employment will be in accordance with the laws and statutes under which employees of the respective private company of similar scope are employed.

c) Entitlement to leave in accordance with the employer’s leave policy

d) The employment contract may be terminated by either party upon 30 days written notice.

e) In case of maternity leave, a stipulated number of days will be available as unpaid leave.

(f) After 59 months, the government shall reinstate such persons into public sector employment in accordance with the relevant rules and regulations.

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