Nissan closes plant in Mexico for a week due to lack of chips

Nissan already confirmed earlier this month that it is planning a series of production adjustments at its factories due to the global chip shortage, and now the company is providing more details on how it plans to cope. in the fight against semiconductors.

In addition to a three-day shutdown affecting production lines at its Kyushu plant, the Japanese automaker is also temporarily shutting down operations at its plants in Mexico.

Aguascalientas Plant 1 will stop assembling cars for a full week in June, according to a report by Reuters. This particular plant is in charge of building the Nissan Versa, Kicks and March.

But at the same time, the Japanese company is also planning to shut down the operations of Factory 2, although this time the whole thing will only happen for one day. Manufacturing of the Nissan Sentra is expected to be affected by production adjustments.

And to top it all, Nissan confirmed that its CIVAC plant in Morelos will also be offline for seven days.

And all because the Japanese company does not have enough chips to install on its cars. The global semiconductor shortage has already taken its toll in the auto industry, with large companies turning to similar production adjustments while waiting for suppliers to ship more chips.

The worst news is that no one knows for sure when exactly the crisis is supposed to end. Industry experts warn that the chip shortage will most likely continue into 2022, with signs of recovery to be seen in the first quarters of next year.

Meanwhile, research shows that the production of more than 4 million cars could be affected by the semiconductor shortage, the number is expected to increase by the end of the year, unless foundries find a way to make more chips and ship them on time to help avoid more. stop.

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